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Phooter Flickr Photo Shooter

Phootie shoots photos all the time, but he doesn't remember where... True story! Help Phootie find places that he has visited on the map of the world. Phooter game draws 5 random, publicly posted Flickr pictures from various worldwide locations and challenges you to place them on a map. That's all, and it's awesome! :) "Phooter 2…

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Discount Calc - Shopping Queen

Imagine you are out shopping and you see a great sale. You look at the tag and ask yourself how much is 59% off of $249.99 ? No more second guessing. Just get the price! So how it works ? Simply choose two values to enter : - first price, - discounted price, - or discount value itself … and then BOOOM you get the info price you want! Get the res…

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Download PAXI Carpooling Calculator PAXI Carpooling Calculator icon
PAXI Carpooling Calculator

PAXI is an app that calculates travel costs (both fuel and all additional fees) for each passenger in the car. Why it's awesome? - 100% offline, so no need to worry when traveling abroad - GPS based, reliable and precise - 3 modes: average, city, highway - switch while traveling - Both metrics and imperial - People can enter and l…

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Jazzy the Video Game

The most vicious pixel art game ever made! At each level the player is given the task from a member of Jazzy team. Different surroundings, different missions, different traps from game creators. This game is not easy. On the contrary - this games is incredibly annoying. In this game vodka restores your strength and gives you more time. Stay tu…

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Download Spottie in space Jigsaw Spottie in space Jigsaw icon
Spottie in space Jigsaw

Spottie in space is an exceptional story, complete with animated illustrations and full of humor. Solve beautiful, animated puzzles to learn the fate of a cat named Spottie and reach the climax of this amazing story. This fairy tale will surprise, delight and persuade children to learn mathematics, astronomy and physics in a fun way! Have endles…

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