JCI Software

  • LED Torch Light




    This app converts your device into a torch, which is perfect for finding things in the dark. It also has a strobe feature, which is great for a mini disco, and a traffic light with working sequence. It’s pretty simple to use, just press the picture of the torch (or traffic light) to turn it on...

  • My Wedding Countdown




    The perfect app that counts down the weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until your special day! Easy to use, just enter the date of your wedding and it will start the countdown. Other features: The background changes as the weeks pass by (in the last 6 weeks), use a photo from your device...

  • Memory Master




    Put your memory to the test by remembering the light sequences in this addictive game! A simple memory game where you have to remember the correct light sequence to score a point. The more sequences you get right the higher your score. Share your score with your friends to see if they can beat...

  • 5.0

    My Beat Creator




    A programmable beat maker

  • Kids Paint n Doodle




    Tune in to your creative side and create your very own master pieces, or just doodle if that’s what you like to do. You can even colour in some pictures or doodle over photos! Simple to use, just run your finger around the screen to draw something. You can change the colour and thickness of the...

  • Retro Record Player (Vinyl)




    This app is perfect for listen to the music files on your device. It’s designed to look like a record player but play mp3 and m4a files. To use: simply press on the turntable to select a track, you will need to search for files first from the menu, and press play! The record will appear and...

  • Fart Machine




    Unleash your childish side and make fart sounds from your device! Press the buttons and hear the realistic fart sounds, there are 60 to choose from! This app is free but contains third party advertisements.

  • My Christmas Countdown




    My Christmas Countdown is a free app that counts down the weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until Christmas day! No need to enter the date for Christmas day, the app will set the date automatically for you. *Special features* - Background changes randomly each time you open it up. - Use...

  • My Beat Creator Christmas




    With a Christmas feel, this is the perfect app to make up beats. Great if you are always tapping your fingers to make a sound. It’s really easy to use. Select the sounds you want to play, and at what point, adjust the tempo and press play! Other features: You can change each row’s sound and...

  • myPhone Childrens Phone




    A game for toddlers and young children. It is designed to look like a phone but help them learn their numbers and colours. To use is simple: Just press a button to hear the number, colour or a music note. There is also a quiz! This app is free but contains third party advertisements.

  • Beatboxer




    A fun app that lets you make beat box sounds from your device. You can even play an mp3 file in the background while you beat box over it. It’s easy to use, just press the buttons to make the sounds. You can also make the sounds play in time, on a loop, from the beat creator screen. There is a...

  • Ben & Nat Wedding Countdown




    Countdown timer until my friends Ben and Natalie tie the knot! This app was created just for them. If you would like an app for your wedding just contact me at contact@jcisoftware.com

  • LED Flashlight




    A flashlight that's simple to use and free! LED Flashlight uses your phones' camera flash light as a flashlight! All you have to do is press the picture of the flashlight to turn it on or off. - What if your phone doesn't have an LED flash light? Well instead of trying to turn on...

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