JDL Apps

  • Tutti Frutti Monkeys




    Monkeys like bananas, apples and pears. Three monkeys, three fruits. Give them what they want or their spirits will haunt you for eternally.

  • Bubble Memorization




    Bubble Memorization is a fancy-looking puzzle game where you must click on the new ball to score. A good memory is a huge advantage in this game. With scoreloop you can also brows an online highscore and see what place you come. With the awesome color-changing background the game gets even more...

  • 2 Snakes




    A classic snake game with an additional two-player mode! Nuff said. Get out there and play it now!

  • Psych Insight




    Have you ever wondered when the technology will reach that point when computer and programs actually can intercept thoughts? Well, now it's here; the first app that are fully capable to read your mind! You won't believe us until you download the application, and then you won't believe...

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