Jeff Boody

  • Gears




    Gears for Android is a heavily modified port of the famous "gears" demo to Android. The Gears demo is an open source project intended to help developers learn how to create OpenGL ES programs on Android. The Gears demo was originally written by Brian Paul as part of the Mesa3D project....

  • Serial Mirror




    This project combined with Linux-on-Android can enable a complete Arduino development environment on Android. This app solves a problem that most Android devices do not have USB ports to enable normal programming of Arduino devices. To further complicate the the issue the Bluetooth serial port is...

  • Simon Says




    This project is a fork of the Sparkfun Simon Says Soldering Kit. It contains modifications to the firmware to pass game state over Bluetooth serial so that the Simon Says device can be used as a controller for an Android app. It is my hope that this app will provide a good example for others who...

  • BlueSmirf Demo




    This project shows how connect an Android phone to an Arduino with the Bluesmirf Bluetooth module. The demo can control an led and read a potentiometer. It should work with Android 2.0 (ecliar) and above. The Bluesmirf Bluetooth module is available from Sparkfun. Source code is available at...

  • Quine-McCluskey Solver




    The Quine-McCluskey Solver is a tool for finding the minimal representation of any Boolean equation. Although minimal representations to simple problems can be found easily using truth tables and K-maps, minimal representations to complex problems require a more systematic approach such as the...

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