Jeff Cardillo

  • FlightLog - Pilot's Logbook




    Hello fellow android pilots! FlightLog is a brand new aviation logbook app and you're going to love it! I've worked very hard on it and have provided it completely for free, so please leave a review if you enjoy it. Check out these high level features: - FREE! No ads! Yes, really! -...

  • FlightScale - Weight & Balance




    - Weight and Balance for Airplanes and Helicopters! - Email Reports of your calculations to your boss or yourself! - Share your templates with all of your android devices, friends and colleagues! - Backup your data files to email! FlightScale is a band new aircraft Weight and Balance graphing...

  • FlightPlan - Pilot's Toolbox




    Highlights! - METARs & TAFs from NOAA - Airports from & World Aero Data - Convenient unit converter - Lots of E6B calculations built in - Leg calculator makes filling out and checking Navigation Logs a breeze! - A lot more! Want more still? Ask! FlightPlan is a native Android...

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