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  • Fastest News




    In this fast moving and competitive world, its really important to be aware and updated about everything happening around you. And for that, waiting for newspapers in the morning and sticking to TV is definitely old school. So here is a fast and smart app which provides you the latest news...

  • Tic Tac Toe 2012




    As the saying goes- Old is Gold. Play the classic Tic Tac Toe game in a new style, vs Computer or vs your friend. This game is basically a strategy game and improves your analytical skills. To win, you have to completely fill with your symbol (dot or cross), a row, a column or a diagonal of...

  • Space Hunter




    The Earth is in danger. The alien spaceships are coming to invade our supremacy in the Universe. So with the consensus of all the countries' governments , you have been chosen to save the earth from present danger. And to accomplish your mission , you'll have to keep these things in...

  • Disk Shooter




    Disk Shooter is an interesting shooting game. In the game shooter have 50 bullets to shoot flying targets. Shoot ten targets to go to next level. This game contains three levels, play and explore all the three levels.

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