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The President speech

This app you can see the speech the President of the United States. From Barack Obama to George Washington is listed President of the United States, you can see it's a video of that speech and the E-mal, SMS can be saved as.

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Piano Breaker

Piano Breaker As you play the game you can play the piano. Whenever the game can listen to a variety of piano sound. Do not just play games such as playing the piano, try it. Thank you. * block, Arknoid

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wallpaper of a cute cat

wallpaper of a cute cat, cat you can enjoy pictures of cute cats and set them as a wallpaper. Just click the prefered picture for a long time and it will soon be saved as a wallpaper. You can enjoy hundreds of cute cat pictures and set them as your wallpaper

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Ballard Diary

Ballard Diary You can write a diary while you're playing the piano. You will automatically begin playing the piano to write letters. You can play the sad ballad music. If you want to get up, you feel sad Make you use this app.

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Piano Breaker2

- Each time you match the three or more gems of the same, composition will be automatically done. - There is 4 options of composition: Piano, ballad, rock, techno - When the game starts, music will be randomly played

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