Jeroen's Apps

  • One Click SMS




    Send a SMS by 1 click within 1 second: Make a fixed list of messages with your receivers. These messages can be send multiple times. Very handy if you send the same message very often to the same people. E.g.: “I am leaving now”, “I am home in 30 minutes”, “I am 20 minutes late”, “I am unable to...

  • The Football Database




    *** News update: Nr2 of best soccer apps for Android! *** ---SUMMARY---: -Predicts future match-results based on data. -Provides team-to-team overviews from largest historic database available! (181.000 match-data from 49 competitions) -No live internet connection required....

  • Dreambox Music Control




    Control and play mp3 files on your Enigma1 based (Dream)box. Do not throw away your old dreambox! Use it as a network music player (without TV) and with high quality audio. To clarify: The app is a remote control, the music is played by the DM box only. No streaming supported! Do not rate...

  • Send a Dutch tile




    Send original tiles with self invented text within 1 minute. Features: - Different tiles available. (funny, romantic, old-Dutch, modern, etc...) - Sending possible by email, SMS, bluetooth, facebook, picasa, whatsapp etc. Keywords: mail tile tiles mail surprise gift gifts entertainment...

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