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KungFu Styles

This application is an introduction to KungFu, similarities and differences of each of the major styles of kung fu indicated. There are numerous styles of KungFu, this app's main styles are presented and explained what they all have in common and specific to each of the styles exhibited characteristics: - Choy Lee Fut - Ving Tsun (Wing Chun)…

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Android Portscanner, supports TCP, UDP and ICMP protocols. Dicover all the services that are on wifi networks. Available options: TCP Quick Scan. TCP port-range scan. UDP port-range scan. ICMP echo request. (ping) C-Class Network discovery. Better for wifi networks.

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SSH Control

Unix shells are not designed for tiny keyboards, in this case is much more practical to usefile browsers, process browser, connections browser, and so on Agility without losing power, this app now allows: * Navigate and operate in the file system (copy/paste, edit files, edit permissions, ...) * View and send signals to processes * Control network…

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If you dream to be an airplane pilot, this is you application!!, let's instlal it and enjoy with the galleries, - commercial plane cabins - landing - nightly landing - social media

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This Alarmclock respect yours sleep cycles, in order to do a happy and healthy wakeup during your last light sleep phase. This can be helpful for several sleep disorders like: narcolepsy, hypersomnia, apnea, insomnia, etc. Waking up in the middle of a depht phase or REM phase, is not good for your working, procedural and declarative memories. Ha…

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Information Leak detection tool. This app show all the connections and analyze if the destination is on of this trusted sites: * LOCAL NETWORK * GOOGLE * TWITTER * FACEBOOK * SKYPE * APPLE * LINKEDIN * AKAMAI * AMAZON * MICROSOFT * MESSENGER * DROPBOX * WHATSAPP Also this identifies the untrusted and rare communications…

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Whois query tool, investigate dns or ip owners - Domain name Whois - IP whois - Full data (contact names, emails, telephones, etc.) - Scrolled output

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Far Planet

Rescue the martian girl defeating dragons and aliens, on this arcade platforms game. The red planet's alien has kidnaped your martian girlfriend. Travel on diferent planets across the estelar gates, defeat Aliens and Dragons, and rescue your girlfriend. Features: - Arcade platforms like mario bross. - Travel on diferent planetas across the…

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