JGH Technology

  • DroidScape



    Incredible drawing, image editing and picture creation app! DroidScape allows you to edit, filter, decorate and play with your photos or other images. You can use the drawing tools to create your own images, with shapes, bezier curves and a multitude of different fonts, colors and styles. You...

  • Galactic Wars: The Space Saga

    Galactic Wars: The Space Saga




    Galactic Wars is an epic turn based strategy game set in the distant future, where humanity and rival alien civilizations must battle for supremacy. The purpose is to conquer alien worlds and prevent other alien species and civilizations from gaining control of them. You can battle your enemies...

  • MOGdroid





    MOGdroid is an app designed to make finding octads (8-point subsets) in the S(%,8,24) steiner system easy. It uses the Miracle Octad Generator to quickly find the unique octad containing a given 5 points. It can also find the 5 octads intersecting a given 4 points in the steiner system. It is...

  • Personal Finance Helper

    Personal Finance Helper


    Personal Finance Helper allows you to keep track of your expenses. It is designed for ease-of-use, with a simple interface and made to be as minimalist an application as possible. You can quickly input a new expense and get on with your day-to-day life, without the need to input all kinds of...

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