JHP Games

  • JHPScanningApp


    Enjoy our app and scan QR codes. Find out the information they contain.

  • instaTextPicture


    Take pictures using your android device and write text messages on them. Share your pictures in your preferred social networks with your friends in three simple steps!

  • Super Byte Droid




    Super byte droid is a game for all those who love challenges! Enjoy the power of Super byte droid and fight against the bad droids!!! enjoy your space adventure.

  • Blackboard




    Enjoy this application which you can have as a tool for those times where you need to show something like in a classroom. Use your wits and enjoy it!

  • SMS Location




    Use this application useful to tell your contacts where you are located. The application helps you save time simply and quickly, besides that is useful in situations where you do not know the exact address where you are. NOTE: It is important to have the GPS ON as well as have a network...

  • Ultimate Saber Laser free




    Experience the feeling of "Ultimate Saber Laser" from your cellphone. Try it in the dark!, You can find 4 different sabers as well as different sounds for each one(paid version). Turn it on and feel the vibration when you shake your cellphone so you can feel like in the science fiction...

  • Plays Designer




    Create, imagine, design and show your best moves to your players and practice them ! not only for football but also soccer, basketball and hockey. Have fun and win games with the best technique and strategy!

  • Pic Puzzle


    Pic Puzzle is an application for those who love challenges. Pic puzzle allows you to use the pictures stored in your mobile phone's SD card and turn them into fun puzzles. So you will have always different challenges .Do not waste time and have fun with this app.

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