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Download Duck Killer Duck Killer icon
Duck Killer

Be the best duck killer in the world. Take the challenge! Join the global competition. Your goal is to shoot flying ducks as many as possible. Two control modes are supported. The first one is tapping the screen to make your gun aim at the target. At the same time, the gun fires at the target. The second one is using the gravity sensor to control…

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Download Blur Face Blur Face icon
Blur Face

Nowadays, high quality pictures can be taken by using common mobile phones. If user zooms in the picture, face flaw such as fleck can be discerned easily. This app, “Blur Face” can help you to solve this issue. The face flaw can be mitigated by blurring the selected part of the face. The blur extent can be adjusted manually to meet user’s require…

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Download Crop You Out Crop You Out icon
Crop You Out

There are four steps to do this: 1) Load photo from your gallery. 2) Locate the target person in the photo, and adjust its size. Then, crop it. 3) Using painting method to remove the background. 4) Save the image to your external storage on your android cell phone. After you save your processed photo, then, you can press the "Share" butt…

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Download Pistol Gunner Pistol Gunner icon
Pistol Gunner

Terrorists are everywhere. They hide in the buildings, bus and castle. Your mission is to kill them all. But no heavy weapons, only the pistol. There are four levels. As level increases, the terrorist will show up more frequently. So, keep alert and shoot. Don’t forget to press loader when you shooting. Kill terrorists as many as possible and see y…

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Download Swap Heads Swap Heads icon
Swap Heads

You look fat, short or thin compared with the people next to you in the photo? Don’t worry. This app can help you to change it by swapping your heads with the person next to you. The usage is very simple. First, load your photo from gallery. The two heads are auto detected by the two head markers. If not, move the two head markers to the right pos…

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Download Fix Railway Fix Railway icon
Fix Railway

Game Task: Connect the train stations to the city by rotating the tiles. Tiles which are connected are shown highlighted. Use the menu to select different skill levels, pause the game, or start a new game.

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Download Tank versus Helicopter Tank versus Helicopter icon
Tank versus Helicopter

Your mission is to destroy all the helicopters and tanks. The helicopters lunch missiles from the air to attack you, whilst the tanks shoot you from the ground. You have the great tank, Challenger 2. Don’t get shot or hit the tanks. Otherwise, you will lose your life quickly. Touch the target on the screen and the gun of the tank will rotate to sh…

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Download Black White Chess Black White Chess icon
Black White Chess

It starts with 4 chess pieces with two black and white ones at the center of the board. The player with black pieces will move first. The player can put black pieces at the ends of one chess queue either vertically, horizontally or diagonally to occupy computer’s white pieces between that queue. The player with the most pieces on the board at th…

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Download Walking Penguin Walking Penguin icon
Walking Penguin

The game goal is to make the penguin walk with a distance as long as possible. Make the penguin jump up or down to avoid the walls and stop signs, by touching above or below of the penguin. If the penguin bumps the wall, then, it will push the penguin backward, thus making it possible caught by the sea lion. If the penguin steps on the stop sign,…

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Download Space War Space War icon
Space War

Many alien space ships are about to attach the earth. Now, it’s your turn to fight them for us. The task is to destroy all the alien space ships and keep your life. You have two times to survive from being got shot. Use the button or gravity sensor to control your space fighter to move left or right. Press the button at screen right side to fire…

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Download Shoot Fish Under Sea Shoot Fish Under Sea icon
Shoot Fish Under Sea

It’s simple yet addictive. Your goal is to shoot swimming fish as many as possible. Two control modes are supported. The first one is tapping the screen to make your arrow aim at the target. At the same time, the arrow fires at the target. The second one is using the gravity sensor to control the aim. Then, you need to touch the “shoot” button as q…

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Download Make Head Bigger Make Head Bigger icon
Make Head Bigger

The faces in the images can be automatically detected. If the auto method fails, then, you can also manually add a circle to mark the face position. Multiple faces can be edited. After editing, you can save the photo to the external storage device. Workflow: Load photo->add face if there is no face auto found->adjust the size/position of th…

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