Download whyPhone 4G Signal Simulator whyPhone 4G Signal Simulator icon
whyPhone 4G Signal Simulator

We can't just leave the iPhone 4G all alone with it's signal reception issues rite? Here it is! The whyPhone 4G Signal Simulator. Hold it the 'right' way and watch the signal meter rise. Hold it the 'wrong' way and watch the signal meter drop. Go console your iPhone 4G brethrens with this!!

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Download Watermelon Smash Watermelon Smash icon
Watermelon Smash

Love smashing watermelons? Now smash those melons!! Hit the matching melon-button along the bottom to send the hammer down on the rolling melon. How many watermelons can you get? Beware of distractions and the shrinking hammer!!

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Download Toto Splitter Toto Splitter icon
Toto Splitter

App to help split your betting amount into the various Toto betting types available. Tailored for Singapore Pools Toto betting.

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Download whatG whatG icon

This app periodically checks and shows on the notification bar what network type you are on. Useful also for those who have APNdroid running, where the network type system icon is not shown.

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Download Halloween Bash Halloween Bash icon
Halloween Bash

This Halloween, the jack-o-lanterns, witches and skulls are coming to get you! You have to fight them off as hard as you can! Hit them as they come flying towards you! You have 120 seconds to get as many witches, skulls and jack-o-lanterns as you can. Enjoy! Happy Halloween 2010 everyone! Update 1.1: Graphics tweak.

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Download 50 Chinese Characters 50 Chinese Characters icon
50 Chinese Characters

Play to learn what the top 50 frequently-occurring characters in the Chinese Language are. Can you recognize these commonly used Simplified Chinese characters? Pair the Chinese character with the English meaning, or Hanyu Pinyin. Match and tap both together. (For an example of the character usage, just do a long hold on the character. Tap the pop-…

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Download Euro 2012 TV for Asia Euro 2012 TV for Asia icon
Euro 2012 TV for Asia

Simple, bareboned Euro 2012 TV schedule app for fans in the Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Perth, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Manila) time zone. Features: - Scrolls to current date during the Euro 2012 period - For easy reference, tap to highlight games which are of interest to you. Tags: soccer, football, Euro 2012, schedule, TV, Asia…

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Download WordSpell - Flowers WordSpell - Flowers icon
WordSpell - Flowers

Can you spell the names of these flowers? Tap on a Bee carrying the right letter. Then, tilt your phone to guide the Bee to the Smiling Flower.

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Download HongBao BAO! HongBao BAO! icon
HongBao BAO!

Pair two similar HongBaos and tap both at the same time. See how fast you can match and bag all six Red Packets, aka. Ang Pow, Li Xi, Lai See. Watch the colors pop and it's so much easier on a tablet. Note: Requires multi-touch ready devices. Here’s to wishing those celebrating the Chinese New Year, a happy New Year of the Dragon! Gong Xi…

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Download Halloween - WordSpell Halloween - WordSpell icon
Halloween - WordSpell

These Witches can't fly properly. And worse, they don't know how to spell! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Help them, please! Poke a Witch to get her up in the air. Then, tilt your phone to fly her to the right Jack-O-Lantern. Sometimes, more than one word can be spelled. But remember, the Witches need you to find that special Halloween word! Figu…

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