• American Presidents

    American Presidents


    Do you know... all the Presidents of the United States? See how well you recognize them. Match each man to his portrait, and tap both name and picture at the same time. Honor the lives of these men who shaped this great nation. Celebrate Presidents' Day on 20 Feb 2012! Tags: US, USA,...

  • App/Book - Jataka Tales

    App/Book - Jataka Tales




    These simple stories are centuries-old. But read and discover how, interestingly, they remain relevant even today! Told with quaint humour, we are left to ponder how many things in life appear deceivingly simple. Considered the oldest collection of folklore, records of Jataka tales existed as...

  • App/Book - Lady Clare

    App/Book - Lady Clare


    Looking for a short story to read? A love story to share with someone special perhaps? Or something nice to simply read out loud? This book is for you. With 22 hand-drawn illustrations from the original book, LADY CLARE is a beautiful story told in verse and dialogue. "One of...

  • Share NLB Singapore

    Share NLB Singapore




    This app allows you to directly search Singapore National Library Board's (NLB) catalogue, using any share-friendly app. That means that you can search for a book title while you are in your browser, your note taking app or any other share-friendly apps. Example of use: 1. Start Dolphin...

  • Halloween - WordSpell

    Halloween - WordSpell




    These Witches can't fly properly. And worse, they don't know how to spell! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Help them, please! Poke a Witch to get her up in the air. Then, tilt your phone to fly her to the right Jack-O-Lantern. Sometimes, more than one word can be spelled. But remember, the Witches...

  • TimeOff1 Racing Trivia

    TimeOff1 Racing Trivia


    It's a long pit-stop. No race weekends for the next 3 weeks to look forward to!! So as crazy race fans of this 'pinnacle of motorsport' series, we decided to make this app. This is a fantastic formula one can use to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. And, to give you enough fuel to...

  • Which Word 1

    Which Word 1




    Which word is witch? Which word is which? Do you find yourself confused by some word pairs? Like - 'than/then', 'accept/except' or 'advise/advice'? This app can help you find out if you have been using the right words in the right places. Here are 50 pairs of confusing...

  • London OlyPigs 2012

    London OlyPigs 2012


    The OlyPigs have invaded London. Your mission is to eliminate these 12 Oly Pigs and stop them from contaminating our Green Earth. Press the launch button to activate your weapon of 'mess' destruction. Tilt your device to direct your weapon. Your aim is to hit the red pulsating...

  • Automobiles 1903 Vol 1

    Automobiles 1903 Vol 1




    Think you know your rides? How about some 1903 automotive trivia? Here's a collection of 'applied automatic locomotion' at the turn of the 20th Century. Seriously! Check out these awesome vintage vehicles! Step back in time and have a go at guessing the names/makes of these very...

  • Euro 2012 TV for Asia

    Euro 2012 TV for Asia




    Simple, bareboned Euro 2012 TV schedule app for fans in the Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Perth, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Manila) time zone. Features: - Scrolls to current date during the Euro 2012 period - For easy reference, tap to highlight games which are of interest to you....

  • WordSpell - Fruits

    WordSpell - Fruits




    Can you spell well? How quickly can you spell the names of all the different fruits? Mr. Strawberry is feeling sour because he is the only one missing a letter. You can get a ladybird to help carry the correct alphabet to him. Tap on her to wake her up, then guide her by tilting your phone....

  • Some Puns

    Some Puns




    A pun is a play on words. It is a humorous use of a word or phrase to suggest different meanings or ideas. "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana." This popular one, from Groucho Marx, makes use of two homographic puns, where multiple meanings come from a single...

  • 50 Chinese Characters

    50 Chinese Characters




    Play to learn what the top 50 frequently-occurring characters in the Chinese Language are. Can you recognize these commonly used Simplified Chinese characters? Pair the Chinese character with the English meaning, or Hanyu Pinyin. Match and tap both together. (For an example of the character...

  • American Presidents Trivia 2

    American Presidents Trivia 2




    An American Presidents Trivia Game. Do you know what was each U.S. President's nickname? (One of their many nicknames anyway.) Match the portrait to the correct nickname and tap both at the same time. See how quickly you can complete this easy trivia game. Have fun! **This simple app may...

  • American Presidents Trivia 1

    American Presidents Trivia 1


    An American Presidents Trivia Game. Do you know which U.S. president was the first president to ... ? Match the portrait to the correct statement and tap both at the same time. See how quickly you can complete this trivia game. Have fun! **This simple game may also be used as a memory and...

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