• Morse Audio - Morse Code Learn

    Morse Audio - Morse Code Learn




    Morse audio is a morse code learning tools. Two function pages: 1. Character Page: tap "play" and select the morse key you want to listen. 2. String Page: tap "play" and select the string you want to listen.

  • Hiking Flashlight (NightFlash)

    Hiking Flashlight (NightFlash)




    Night Flash is a LED/Panel light communication tool and flashlight tool. It is helpful for climber. Have many effect and Morse code to help them do light communication. Basic : Continuous / Low / Middle / High Speed. SOS : SOS signal. Adjust : Adjust light time and dark time. Effect : Many...

  • GPS Map Camera (Google Map)

    GPS Map Camera (Google Map)




    The main feature of the 'GPS Map Camera': When you take a piture with GPS enabled, it will paste the google map and address name to picture. (GPS latitue/longitude also include in the information) When you use this application, suggest to enable GPS. Belows are the stpes to enable GPS....

  • Meter Toolbox

    Meter Toolbox




    Sound/Light/Gradienter/Magnetic/Compass meters are built in this application. This display screen will show the minimum/maximum/average/current values. 'Reset button' is used to reset all minimum/maximum/average/current values to zero. 'Pause button' is used to pause a meter. It...

  • Tap Counter Manager

    Tap Counter Manager


    You can add multiple tap counters according to your needs. Every tap, the program will be a point in time you tap on a record. Then you can use the feature to view a list of all the tap point in time. Additionally provides a calendar mode, you can view the daily taps. You can write a note in...

  • I am Here (Easy to use)

    I am Here (Easy to use)




    Send a location message to your friend. This message contains a Google map location link and current address. The default location is get from system GPS info. You also can choice map-center to location your address (shift map to change the location. Use it for fine tune.). When you find a good...

  • GPS Photo Viewer (Google Map)

    GPS Photo Viewer (Google Map)




    Function : 1. Fast check/edit photo's GPS information. 2. Fast check photo's camera information. 3. Navigate GPS-POI in google map. 4. Launch to "google map application" with photo's GPS location. Purpose : 1. You can copy your GPS photos to your friends, and then they...

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