• Time Record Manager

    Time Record Manager




    You can according what you want to add more time recorders. After pressing the start button and then press the stop button, the time gap will recorded. (You can also set alarm to stop automatically) You can use it to record your reading time, work time, exercise time, and so on. I'll use...

  • Morse Audio - Morse Code Learn

    Morse Audio - Morse Code Learn




    Morse audio is a morse code learning tools. Two function pages: 1. Character Page: tap "play" and select the morse key you want to listen. 2. String Page: tap "play" and select the string you want to listen.

  • Hiking Flashlight (NightFlash)

    Hiking Flashlight (NightFlash)




    Night Flash is a LED/Panel light communication tool and flashlight tool. It is helpful for climber. Have many effect and Morse code to help them do light communication. Basic : Continuous / Low / Middle / High Speed. SOS : SOS signal. Adjust : Adjust light time and dark time. Effect : Many...

  • GPS Map Camera (Google Map)

    GPS Map Camera (Google Map)




    The main feature of the 'GPS Map Camera': When you take a piture with GPS enabled, it will paste the google map and address name to picture. (GPS latitue/longitude also include in the information) When you use this application, suggest to enable GPS. Belows are the stpes to enable GPS....

  • Meter Toolbox

    Meter Toolbox




    Sound/Light/Gradienter/Magnetic/Compass meters are built in this application. This display screen will show the minimum/maximum/average/current values. 'Reset button' is used to reset all minimum/maximum/average/current values to zero. 'Pause button' is used to pause a meter. It...

  • Tap Counter Manager

    Tap Counter Manager


    You can add multiple tap/click counters according to your needs. Every tap, the program will be a point in time you tap on a record. Then you can use the feature to view a list of all the tap point in time. Additionally provides a calendar mode, you can view the daily taps. You can write a...

  • I am Here (Easy to use)

    I am Here (Easy to use)




    Send a location message to your friend. This message contains a Google map location link and current address. The default location is get from system GPS info. You also can choice map-center to location your address (shift map to change the location. Use it for fine tune.). When you find a good...

  • GPS Photo Viewer (Google Map)

    GPS Photo Viewer (Google Map)




    Function : 1. Fast check/edit photo's GPS information. 2. Fast check photo's camera information. 3. Navigate GPS-POI in google map. 4. Launch to "google map application" with photo's GPS location. Purpose : 1. You can copy your GPS photos to your friends, and then they...

  • GPS Photo Viewer (Baidu Map)

    GPS Photo Viewer (Baidu Map)




    ===> !!! Only for China map, and use Simplify-Chinese language in Baidu map !!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Original appplication is "GPS Photo Viewer (Google Map)." This application change the map to Baidu-Map. Function : 1. Fast check photo's...

  • 心經 (聽)

    心經 (聽)




    般若波羅密多心經 又稱為般若心經。般若是梵語,古印度的言語,中譯為「智慧」。波羅密多,波羅譯為「彼岸」,密多譯為「到」。整合即「彼岸到」的意思,若依中國的文法應為「到彼岸」,和中國人的成語「到家了」意思很接近,也就是究竟圓滿之義。梵文「到彼岸」,古人註解:「把生死比作此岸,把涅槃比作彼岸,有了般若圓滿的智慧才能了脫生死,證悟大涅槃彼岸。」心經為六百卷《大般若經》之精華,即大般若之中心思想。按施護譯本,世尊在靈鷲山中,入甚深光明,宣說正法三摩提,舍利子白觀自在菩薩言:「若有人欲修學甚深般若法門者,當云何修學?」觀自在菩薩遂說此經。...

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