• Weather Widget Czech Republic

    Weather Widget Czech Republic




    Radar map of rain in Czech Republic from chmi.cz ČHMÚ. Widget is updated every 30 minutes. Click on the widgets area will open actual biggest map of Czech Republic. Buttons: Aladin - actual radar map and forecast map for 3 days. T°C - actual temperature and forecast for 10 days in Czech...

  • Advanced Dictionary

    Advanced Dictionary




    Advanced Dictionary allows you to translate in any direction between these world languages: English, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili and Swedish. The application contains an offline database containing...

  • Testy školní, učební, maturita

    Testy školní, učební, maturita




    Aplikace zatím obsahuje tyto testy: Český jazyk "Slova po B-b", "Slova po L-l", "Slova po M-m", "Slova po P-p", "Slova po S-s", "Slova po V-v", "Slova po Z-z", Strojní technologie "Plamenové...

  • Dictionary Gibsy Roma EN CZ RU

    Dictionary Gibsy Roma EN CZ RU




    Dictionary allows to find basic phrases and words in English, Czech and Romany databases. Operation with the dictionary is easy, just fill in a few letters of the searched words and instantly displays the search result. Button with Text Page switch between Full Text search and standard search by...

  • Sky Map of Constellations

    Sky Map of Constellations




    A very simple overview of the northern and southern sky hemisphere map with the Constellation and approximate graphical position of the planets and of The Sun and of The Moon without ZOOMING. The Moon Info (the menu item) shows the date of phases of The Moon and the action of gravity on the human...

  • Periodic Table Wiki

    Periodic Table Wiki




    Off-line version Periodic Table source: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_elements If you not connected to internet every time, you can try this application for teaching about the Periodic Table. If you not connected: Application shows only text about every element (see promo pictures). You can...

  • Dictionary Czech Hungarian

    Dictionary Czech Hungarian




    Application allow look up for Czech or Hungarian words. If you want switch searched language, press button with double arrows icon. If you want look up in full-text, press button with page (text) icon. Do not use Upper Case. (ABCČD). Do not use diacritical mark (ěščú etc.)

  • Czech Postal ZIP Code

    Czech Postal ZIP Code




    Czech Republic ZIP postal codes (towns and villages) Type number or village name without diacritics marks in lower case. Example: "Křtiny" type only "krtiny" Number format: type space before three numbers "622 00"

  • K.J.Erben Kytice

    K.J.Erben Kytice




    Básnická sbírka - Karel Jaromír Erben, offline verze. Zdroj: cs.wikisource.org Licence: PD old 70 Obsah: Kytice Poklad Svatební košile Polednice Zlatý kolovrat Štědrý den Holoubek Záhořovo lože Vodník Vrba Lilie Dceřina kletba Věštkyně

  • Germany Czech Phrases

    Germany Czech Phrases




    Some basic phrases in Czech - Germany languages. Very simply application. Type text to text field and get result.

  • English Grammar Tests

    English Grammar Tests




    Application allows you to test your knowledge of English language. About 500 questions includes the following topics: Using in sentence a, an, the, any, do, go, more, many, much, little, lot, as etc. If Test is over you can to start new test via "Yes - No" alert. All statistics will be...

  • Psi kalendar jmena

    Psi kalendar jmena




    Česká a slovenská psí jména. Můžete vyhledávat dle data, zadáte například 12.4. a vyhledá jména k tomuto datu, nebo zadejte několik znaků hledaného slova. Zadávejte malými písmeny bez diakritiky.

  • Calendar of Names Czech Slovak

    Calendar of Names Czech Slovak




    Very simple application for look up Czech and Slovak forenames. - write text in lowercase without diacritics mark Examle: zaneta instead Žaneta - or write date Example: 17.6. format day(.)month(.) Button Vice - find more results

  • English Irregular Verbs – Test

    English Irregular Verbs – Test




    Table of Irregular Verbs. You can do test from three categories: Past Simple Past Participle Infinite You can to create test from wrong answers. You can translate question with online dictionary. Translation of test from menu Translat: Czech Polish German Korean Arabic Chinese Russian Spanish

  • Czech Grammar Basic Rules

    Czech Grammar Basic Rules




    Some basic rules of the Czech Grammar in Czech language. Modules: - enumerated words - capitalization - ovi / ovy extension - s-z prepositions, prefixes - when to write mně-tobě, mne-tebe - part of speech - syntax of sentence - on-line dictionary for 65 languages - references - download (more...

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