Joaquim Marinho

  • Best Electric Shaver [PRO]

    Best Electric Shaver [PRO]




    Turn your phone into a shaver! Possibly the best shaver app market! ✓ Experience the incredible functionality shave automatically when the phone is close to your face! ✓ Choose between two different adapters for your shaver! ✓ Choose between two different sounds for your shaver! ✓ Indicate the...

  • Buzinas Engraçadas [PT-BR]

    Buzinas Engraçadas [PT-BR]




    Já alguma vez ouviste um carro com uma buzina "PIX 207"? Gostavas de ter uma buzina assim? Agora podes ter todos (nao apenas 7) os sons das buzinas "PIX 207" no teu android... Tem quatro tipo diferentes de bozinas: - Falas de pessoas; - Sons emitidos por pessoas; - Buzinas...

  • New Dog Whistle Free

    New Dog Whistle Free




    Now you can train your dog with this app! Best Dog Whistle has 4 preset frequencies: ✓ 5Khz; ✓ 10Khz; ✓ 15Khz; ✓ 18kHz. And also allows the user to choose many frequencies to choose from: between 4kHz and 19kHz. Best Dog Whistle offers the user the ability to create codes in real time!

  • Don't Touch Me (anti-theft)

    Don't Touch Me (anti-theft)




    You think someone messes on your mobile through your back?! But you're not sure?! With this application your doubts are gone. ✓ You can catch that person red-handed tinkering on your mobile and you still get a fright. ✓ Or configure the application to run in silent mode, just getting to...

  • Don't Touch Me Plus

    Don't Touch Me Plus




    You think someone messes on your mobile through your back?! But you're not sure?! With this application, your doubts are gone. ✓ You can nab this person stirring on your mobile and you will still get a fright. ✓ Or configure the application to run in silent mode, record the reports of the...

  • Scanner intelligence (IQ)

    Scanner intelligence (IQ)




    Enjoy yourself and surprise your friends with this fake scanner of intelligence!     Watch the video (tutorial) below, to understand how you can set / vitiate the results of each reading of intelligence! You may vitiate the result within five possible choices: Option 1. ⇒ Very low IQ; Option 2....

  • Angry Bobbles

    Angry Bobbles




    Ajuda o nosso herói a destruir todas as bolas zangadas.

  • Drum Kit

    Drum Kit




    Application with two different modes of drumming: - Live; - Loop. You can change the sounds of each dish: - With the sounds of the app's own library; - Or use sounds directly from memory card.

  • Whistle to Girls

    Whistle to Girls




    This application contains some whistles to be fired at those moments they pass by your side! Keywords: whistle, hotties, girls.

  • LandRoid Jumper

    LandRoid Jumper




    Ajuda o nosso android neste divertido jogo de plataformas! Salta de plataforma em plataforma com cuidado. Existem 5 plataformas diferentes, descobre-as! Podes ainda apanhar poderes especiais!

  • BMI [children & youth]

    BMI [children & youth]




    BMI percentile calculator for children and youth. Also calculate the ideal weight! Children and young people are constantly growing and your body is always in modança, then the conventional BMI is not suitable for younger! Therefore, we developed a way to avalaiar obesity youngsters. Based on...

  • Ideal Body [Free]

    Ideal Body [Free]




    Record and track your weight and hip during its conquest by your ideal body. The only application on the market that shows your hip ideal based on your height, so that it is easier to reach your ideal body. ➨CALCULATE YOUR: ➜ Ideal Weight ➜ Ideal Hip ➜ BMI ➜ BAI (new BMI: more accurate and...

  • BMI - BAI Calculator

    BMI - BAI Calculator




    ➨CALCULATE YOUR: ➜ BMI ➜ BAI (new BMI: more accurate and effective) ➜ Ideal Weight ➨Make sure you have a weight acceptable with these two calculators: ➜ Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation that takes into account body weight and height of the person, often used to classify obesity in...

  • MAXI Word Search

    MAXI Word Search




    With this fantastic app, you can exercise your power of reasoning as well as occupy those hours or minutes while you have nothing to do. Apart from having help pass the time you put into practice your reasoning! - Displays the number of words found and the number of remaining words; - Has...

  • Bells and Buzzers

    Bells and Buzzers




    Discover the best application of bells on the market: ➜ Sounds very realistic; ➜ Great dynamism; ➜ Prove yourself. ➨ Bells:     ➜ Bell Hotel;     ➜ Bell Bureau;     ➜ Church Bell. ➨ Bells:     ➜ Bicycle;     ➜ Bells School;     ➜ Bell House;

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