Joe Scrivens

  • Our Stories - Woodcroft First


    This is an interactive book written, narrated and illustrated by the children at Woodcroft First School, Leek, Staffordshire. All children attending the school in 2013/2014 were involved with creating the book. All proceeds for the book go towards the Woodcroft First School PTA.

  • #Selfie - Let me take a Selfie




    Make your own Chainsmokers #Selfie intro. #Selfie is the most popular dance tune of 2014. Now you can record your own intro and have it play alongside the record. Enjoy!

  • Guess the meme




    How well do you know the most popular Memes of the last few years? Over 200 memes in this app for you to guess. Earn coins and use them for clues for the next meme. name,meme,trivia,quiz,vine,free,addictive,fun,game

  • Don't Step the White Lily




    Don't Step the White Lily Step only the green lilys How fast can you go? How man lilys can you step?

  • Hit or Stand - Blackjack




    Beat the casino!!! Forget using the Blackjack strategy cards which are confusing and difficult to work out, especially when you are at the table and under pressure. Use this app to select the cards you have and the dealer's up card and then press Hit or Stand to find out what you should...

  • Guess the USA




    How well do you know the USA? This trivia game will test your knowledge of places, people, movies, actors, presidents, food. You name it. It's in here. Enjoy guess,usa,trivia,game,free,fun,america,celeb,quiz

  • Name the Tune 8bit retro Style




    This is a Name the Tune game with a difference. Imagine your favourite pop and rock tunes by played as if they were theme tunes for 80s retro 8 bit game soundtracks. You'll know the tune by it will drive you crazy identifying it. Have a blast with this unique way of naming tunes

  • Star Wars Character Quiz




    How well do you know your Star Wars Characters? Name the character to move onto the next one. You can use the coins you earn to buy clues. Enjoy! star,wars,netflix,trivia,free,game,puzzle,sci-fi,comic

  • Guess the 80s




    What can you remember from the 1980s? Tv shows, food, toys, films, bands. Everything is in this app. You just have to recognise it good luck!

  • Childrens 80s & 90s TV Theme




    Were you born in the 80s or 90s? How many theme tunes can you identify from the childrens TV shows you used to love? Earn coins when you get theme tunes right and then use those coins to get clues for the trickier questions song,theme,children,tv,show,80s,90s,classic,retro,trivia

  • Ninja Leap




    How to play 1. Tap screen to jump 2. whilst in the air tap again for another jump 3. avoid the crates see how far you can get If you like flappy bird then you will love this

  • Duck Dive




    Even more fun than flappy bird. No adds!!!! Flap your duck wings and fly high! Tap to flap your wings to make the duck fly. Avoid the walls.

  • Phonics Read CVC Lite




    Help your child learn to read independently. Watch a video of it in action here: This app has 20 popular CVC words in it and your child can tap the bubble to hear how to pronounce the letter using phonics. They must then work out...

  • Guess the Movie: Audio Clips




    How good are you at movie trivia? Can you name the movie based on an aduio clip from the movie? Press the play button and listen to the audio clip from the movie. Then use the tiles below to spell the movie name to earn coins. This game is not for the weak hearted and will have you tearing...

  • Phonics Read CVC 100 Words




    Help your child learn to read independently. In both UK and US english. Watch a video of it in action here: This app has 100 popular CVC words in it and your child can tap the bubble to hear how to pronounce the letter using...

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