Joeri Kerkhof

  • Bomb Defense


    Bomb Defense Your rocket base is under attack by enemy bomber planes, Fire back with your rocket launchpad and don't let any bomb explode on your grounds.

  • Aggro Zombies




    Launch the catapult and demolish the little pigs fortifications in the plaguelands, Crash zombies in to the buildings and conquer your lands. Now with over 20 levels, with so many more to come!

  • Crowded Seas


    It's the year 3000, while ships can reach over 1000mph. The ocean is getting crowded. Some Angry Fishermen are shooting other ships to the bottom of the ocean. Your autopilot is broken so you need to control your ship manually using your radar and find a safe way to port. Watch your radar...

  • Pushup Helper


    Pushup Helper is build to help your increase your maximum about of pushups and gain more endurance. Choose between 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, etc pushup programs. Pushup helper will count your pushups for yo. and guides you with sound while training pushups.

  • Tower Canon


    Tower canon is a highly addictive tower defence game use the canons at your disposal to stop the enemy monsters before it's too late.

  • Mineworld


    You are a miner and have to collect all the mines, and let them explose as fast as possible. - Find & Explode mines - Fun rpg game - Highscores Keywords Mine,Miner,World,Ore,Rune,Pick,Axe,Mines,Scape,Dungeon,Rock

  • Mouse House




    Mouse House is to collect and eat all the cheese and bring them to your mouse hole. but beware of the mouse traps and cats in the house hunting for you! - Unique waypoint controls - Watch for angry cat enemy's - Pick up speed bonus...

  • Direct Hit Ball


    Smash all the bricks using your paddle and balls, Pickup power ups like fire, to spread the fire across all the blocks and pickup the fire-extinguisher to take down all blocks. Features: Over 40 levels in different level packs: - Artist impression - Bubble World - Center of the earth -...

  • Sky Dive Fall Down


    Sky Dive Fall Down is an interactive cool action game where you jump down and need to dodge the incomming obstacles. Try to live as long as you can to get your best score! Sky,Dive,Falling,fall,Skydiver,Parachuting,Jump,Down,Parachutes,Parashute

  • Diamond Ball


    Diamond Balls Make a combination of 3 coloured diamond balls and clean the field. before the time runs out and the wall comes down. Keywords: Diamond,Bubble,Balls.Burster,Shooter,Breaker,trouble,spinner,island,bubblez,burst

  • Ladybug Jump


    You need to collect and eat all the stuff, to fly higher and higher to the sky's with your ladybug. Touch the screen at the left or right in order to move. - Over 50 levels - Addicting Gameplay - Nice for children - Enjoy...

  • Jump Challenge


    Jump Challenge HD Features: - HD Graphics - Mind Blowing Particle Effects - Near Real World Physics - Super Smooth & Exciting - Ad-Free! Jump on the moving rotating platforms without falling off. Tap twice to dubble jump, Each game will be faster and faster! making it hard or nearly...

  • Firecracker 2013




    Firecracker 2013 This app let you fire the safest and the cheapest Firecracker. Get Firecracker 2013 for free and celebrate 2013 with your friends! Fire, Fireworks, 2012, 2013, Firecracker, Rotje, Nitraat, pétard, Knallkörper, 爆竹, Petarda, This app is supported via search. Please note that...

  • Ice Invaders


    All good fun, and super easy to play! Take control of your futuristic space vehicle (ummm, a Christmas Tree!) and shoot the hordes of evil enemies (...Xmas presents!) as they move across the screen plasma glowing, heat seeking missiles at you (...or candles?)..... Features: - Increasing...

  • Hidden Objects Adventure


    Playing Hidden Objects Adventure you have to find mysterious objects along your path in de deep overgrown jungle. Features: - Discover hidden secrets of the forest - Great Graphics - Fun for all ages Hidden,Object,Jungle,Forest,Puzzle,Adventure,Travel,Paradox,Solve,Find,Secret,Secrets

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