Joeri Kerkhof

  • Parashoot Jump


    All your soldiers jumped out of an plane but forgot to equip there own parachute! Rescue them and save there lives by tapping on them as fast as you can. Keywords soldiers,war,ww2,modern,warfare,call,para,parashute,airplane,battlefield,war

  • Sleep Walking


    Your are Sleep Walking, Find your way back to your bed and to complete a level you have to collect all the lamps before finishing. Jump or crunch over enemy's and watch out for fallen rocks and monsters on your way. Walk,Jump,Dash,Run,Running,Witch,Witcher,Highwayman

  • Card Match HD


    Card Matching Game This game uses a effective technique for randomising the cards at the beginning of each level. The cards a randomly scrambled for every game. To customise, simply choose between 3 card sets. - 3 Game modes to choose from. - HD Graphics. - Trains your memory - Cards mixed up...

  • Kenny Cow


    Kenny the Cow is trying is hand at a bit of Skiing. Help Kenny to collect as many Gold Stars as possible without hitting the boulders. Kenny doesn't like his udders to be hit Ski, Skiing, skier, Cow, Bull,Cows, Slope, Snow, Ice

  • Mini Cars


    Mini cars is a racing game with really small cars, race against other drivers and win all the races! - Mini Cars - Tracks covered in ice & snow - Controls with arrows or wheel mini,cars,race,racing,car,carz,kart,karts

  • Nuclear Tic Tac Toe


    Play Nuclear tic tac toe (three in a row game). against the computer and let the nuclear chemicals explode when the player wins! - Great graphics. - Classic gameplay. - Fun for all ages.

  • Modern Snake


    ** SALE 75% OFF!! ** Modern Snake is a graphically good version of the old classic snake, it takes your gameplay to the next level. Find and eat as many fuel cells possible avoid your enemies or shoot them with limited bullets. Pickup the bonuses to get a extra long shake and restore life. How...

  • Crash Pilot


    Try not to crash! Turn your stunt plane around in the sky without damaging it, fly through the large hoops and collect stars, loop-the-loop, swoop and dive. It’s all good fun when you’re flying around the sky in your exiting new stunt planes. - Exiting Stunt Game - Perform extreme stunts -...

  • Sniper Zombies!


    Description When a strange bottle of green goo was opened in the town all the people became zombies, Only one strong man will survive. _ Kill zombies vilagers - Zoom in with sniper scope - Will you survive? Zombie,Sniper,Zombies,Halloween,Snipe,Call,Killer,Shooting

  • Heli Fire - Firefighter Game


    Heli Fire is an aerial firefighting game. Drop water from the air and extinguish the wild fires. Don't come too close with your helicopter, you might burn down your engine. - Extinguish fires from the air. - Addictive gameplay - 16 levels Heli, Helicopter, Tack, Fire, Firefighter,...

  • Ostrich Run


    You on your way trough the desert as an Ostrich, You are a predators for many animals like desert wolves. Watch out you don't hit an cactus with your 40* Mph running speed. It hurts! - Fast and Exiting game - Optimized for Retina display - Semi 3D Graphics tags:...

  • Castle Defence




    Castle Defence is a medieval defence game. Defend your castle from enemy soldiers. Create & place strategically your archers, or burn your enemy with cooking hot water. You can also temporary demolish your bridge. Get the gold from defeated soldiers, and use the money for castle upgrades.

  • Fish Eat Fish




    It's dangerous in the ocean for small shark bait, and if you want to last longer than your friends, you have to outsmart the larger predators, Grow by eating smaller fishes you can find. when fish eat fish it's feed or be fed upon! - HD Graphics - Choose your own fish - Daytime: Easy...

  • Waiter Call


    Are you in a restaurant or hotel waiting on a waiter to get some drinks? With Waiter Call you put your phone on the side of your table and ring a bell to draw the waiters attention. If waiting takes too long (4-5min) the bell will ring faster and the sound gets louder.

  • Weight Lifter


    Tap the Weight Lifter as fast as possible to lift the weights. try to achieve the best time ever! Keywords:Weight,Lifting,Power Bar, Strength,Test

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