Joeri Kerkhof

  • Weight Lifter

    Weight Lifter


    Tap the Weight Lifter as fast as possible to lift the weights. try to achieve the best time ever! Keywords:Weight,Lifting,Power Bar, Strength,Test

  • MotoRoar





    You ride a bike in a giant stunt championship within this awesome physics motocross game. Perform huge jumps, wheelies, back flips, stunts and race towards the finish line! Features: - Cool Stunts - Big Jumps - 3 Enviorments - Perform Loopings - 2 Easy Tracks - 11 Unique Stunt Tracks - 4...

  • Alien Conquerors

    Alien Conquerors


    An Classic alien invasion game. Protect your world form aliens.

  • Mazezer



    Find your way trough the mazezer maze, but watch out for hidden obstacles and lava!

  • Brick Breaker

    Brick Breaker


    Breick Breaker use your fingers to move the paddle and keep the ball in play while removing bricks from the top of the screen. click in the middleto launch the ball.

  • Catch The Eggs

    Catch The Eggs


    Catch as many eggs as you can but watch you don't drop any eggs!

  • Dual Canon

    Dual Canon


    You have 2 canons and unlimited cannon balls. destroy everything that comes in your way!

  • Alien Shooter

    Alien Shooter


    Shoot anything that moves. Today your indestructible! watch out for tha boss!

  • Ping Pong Classic

    Ping Pong Classic




    Play the classic Ping Pong game with 2 players and improve your reflexes! "Cool ping pong on the go for 2!"2 Player game only . First player to reach 11 points wins.

  • Happy Run

    Happy Run


    You play a penguin who needs to eat fish to keep well fat. Collect all the fishes in this 3d game and watch out for the rocks and ice bears before your health is zero.the gameplay will he harder over time because there coming more ice bears and less fish. - Addictive gameplay - Nice 3d...

  • Para Jump

    Para Jump




    Get your own parachute to Jump off your plane and move your skydiver to the right targets. The closer your get in the middle of the targets the more point you will get. Don't forget to pull out your parachute!

  • Ice Hockey

    Ice Hockey


    Play Ice Hockey by swiping the paddle towards the puck. Make 9 goals to win the game. You can play with a friend on the same device for hours of gameplay.

  • Anti Cat

    Anti Cat




    Scare a cat today with annoying and frustrating sounds like a rubber duck! This is the perfect app if: - Cat scratch or bites you - Wild cats in your garden - Just to annoy a cat The sounds include: -cats -dogs -horns This is real fun! Keywords: cat, dog, bark, meow, meo, horn, claxon, air...

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