Jogani Cool Apps

  • Auto Mobile Screen On

    Auto Mobile Screen On


    As simple as it could be. Most of the mobiles have buttons on wrong place and clicking it all the time to on the screen seems frustrating sometimes.You now don't need to click buttons to on your screen all the time. You now just have to lift up straight or tap your mobile censon to on the...

  • Double Tap Screen On/Wake

    Double Tap Screen On/Wake




    The latest android feature to wake your mobile screen. The 1st to have it is the LG G3. To wake the screen you don't need to click any button. You just need to double tap your mobile screen. Now enjoy this amazing feature of LG G3 in any of your android mobile. New and easy way to on your...

  • Hide Call, Video, Audio & Text

    Hide Call, Video, Audio & Text


    A ultimate hiding application for mobile. You can hide call logs, sms, video files, audio files, any text files using this single application. We have given a different app icon which is a Battery Icon, so that know one know that this is a hiding application. In case you click the icon a window...

  • Shake Mobile To ON Screen

    Shake Mobile To ON Screen


    As simple as it could be. Most of the mobiles have buttons on wrong place and clicking it all the time to on the screen seems frustrating sometimes.You now don't need to click buttons to on your screen all the time. You now just have to shake your mobile a bit to on the screen. Its really...

  • Kid's Lock : Parental Control

    Kid's Lock : Parental Control


    No parent want kids to access their phones and mishandle them and access important data and apps. But if we could restrict the use of mobile to apps or games useful for their child, than we would happily allow them to use the mobile. We can do that using this application. Using this...

  • Best Wonder Photo Frames Maker

    Best Wonder Photo Frames Maker




    Create beautiful pictures of yourself with the 7 Wonders of the World. We have provided frames of seven wonders of the world which you can use it as frames to make beautiful image of yours. You can click pictures directly using these frames through camera or you can use images from your mobile...

  • Whistel Camera

    Whistel Camera




    Place the phone down, focus it to the photo frame, and just whistle to click. This will help you click photo very easily. You don't need to worry about clicking button to take photo. You just need to focus and blow whistle. That's it. The mobile will click photo. Many times you need to...

  • Flashlight App With Widget

    Flashlight App With Widget




    Super Bright LED flashlight on your mobile phone. We have tried to make this flashlight the brightest possible. There is widget too for quick access and easy use of this flashlight. Withing the application there are two modes. 1. simple flashlight main button on the main screen 2. three...

  • Diwali Wallpaper & Ringtones

    Diwali Wallpaper & Ringtones


    Diwali is getting close. Its a very important festival for all Indians and NRI. Get in the mood of celebrating Diwali from today. Download this application and get amazing Diwali celebration wallpaper and also few ringtones of fire crackers. You can set the ringtones on your mobile phone. You can...

  • Silent Contact

    Silent Contact




    Do you have few personal contact numbers on your contact list? You want to keep them on silent mode, keeping your mobile on ringer mode? Use this application to help you out. What this application does? : 1. It allows your to select few contacts from your contact list to keep them on silent...

  • Auto Call Recorder

    Auto Call Recorder




    We have tried to provide you a Call recording application that is very easy to use but yet very effective. It records almost all the calls in almost all the android phones. You just need to keep your application active to record all the incoming and outgoing calls. you can easily browse all the...

  • Navratri Ringtones & Wallpaper

    Navratri Ringtones & Wallpaper




    This app provides you latest navratri wallpapers and ringtone to groove yourself in this navratri. You can set the images as wallpaper, you can also share them with your friends and family and wish them wishes of 2014 navratri. Set your ringtones to these latest navratri ringtones and enjoy this...

  • Voice To Girl Voice Changer

    Voice To Girl Voice Changer




    Girl voice changer app will allow you to convert one single voice recording into many different sounds. Its a fun app and you can use to prank others and have fun. It can be a female recording or a male, and it will convert into a female sound with different variants. You have following voice...

  • Helicopter Simulator

    Helicopter Simulator




    We have tried to simulate different sounds of helicopters and Choppers in this application. These are fighter Heli and Choppers and we have included real sounds of these heli. Play the simulation and feel how real helicopters sounds and how the guns and missiles sounds when these choppers fight....

  • Shape Photo Collage Effects

    Shape Photo Collage Effects




    Create a complete collage by arranging pictures of different shapes into your collage. The shapes will make your collage look really awesome. You can make a shape collage of your family or friends or a collage of yourself or along with your girlfriend. Make heart shape photo of your girlfriend...

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