Jogani Cool Apps

  • Auto Mobile Screen On




    As simple as it could be. Most of the mobiles have buttons on wrong place and clicking it all the time to on the screen seems frustrating sometimes.You now don't need to click buttons to on your screen all the time. You now just have to lift up straight or tap your mobile censon to on the...

  • Mosquito Repellent -Simulation




    Worried of mosquito bites and getting sick? Staying a night in woods or places with lots of mosquito? Or forgot carrying mosquito repellent ? Get this android app into your mobile phone. Try this app out. It might work and help you avoiding mosquito bites. This app uses a very high frequency...

  • Selfie/Front Camera With Flash




    How to take a selfie photo with front camera in the dark? Its not possible in any mobile phone. But if we use the screen brightness as a flashlight to add light to your selfie photo in full darkness. You can use this application to use front camera to take pictures in full darkness. An amazing...

  • Photo Background Erase Changer




    Want play few tricks with you photograph? Want to edit it using your mobile phone and not Photoshop? Want to erase the background and add another background? All this can be done using this application that too very quickly. You don't need to edit your photo on Photoshop. This application...

  • Auto Rap : Voice To Music




    Create Rap just by speaking. Just speak into the app and Auto Rap will morph your spoken words into a Perfect Rap. This app helps you merge the Rap or a Song sung my you merging with music you choose.You can download tunes given in the application. If you want to use the given tunes in the app,...

  • Double Tap Screen On/Wake




    The latest android feature to wake your mobile screen. The 1st to have it is the LG G3. To wake the screen you don't need to click any button. You just need to double tap your mobile screen. Now enjoy this amazing feature of LG G3 in any of your android mobile. New and easy way to on your...

  • Photo Focus / Background Blur




    This app allows you to focus a part of your photo keeping the rest blur. It gives beautiful effects to you photo. You can create professional photo effects instantly and easily using this simple photo editing tool provided in this application. App Feature : ♥ Focus a part of a photo. There are...

  • Blood Pressure Record Book


    Use this app to keep a record of daily readings of your blood pressure and details of names of medicine and prescribing doctor. A simple app to keep all these daily records easily. All the records are displayed graphically to get an easy idea of where your graph of Blood Pressure reading is head...

  • Blur Photo Background Eraser




    With this app, you can add instant blur to your photos. On selecting a picture from your mobile gallery or clicking one using mobile camera, the blur effect will be instantly added to the selected picture. You can erase blur effects from the part of picture just by moving your finger on the...

  • Voice Photo Camera




    Many a times your don't remember the place or the name of a person in the picture clicked by you. What we have created in this app is you can click a picture/photo as well as 5 second of voice simultaneously while you click a picture using this application. Its simple to use but a very...

  • Photo Cut & Paste Editor




    Crop a photo, cut it and paste it anywhere you like. You can paste it on a new photo or change its background. All this you can do it easily and instantly using this photo editor tool on your android devices.No more long process of editing photos on your computers or laptops. Do it on your mobile...

  • Binoculars : Zoom




    Simulate a binocular with your mobile camera. Its gives a real feel of a binoculars. We enhance the capacity of your mobile's camera, so we can use it to zoom to maximum and use it as binocular simulator. So now you don't need to carry a real binocular with you. By binoculars you can see...

  • Avatar/Emoji Anime Photo Maker




    You can create an Avatar of your own or any of your friends' with this app. Create a cartoon looking avatar by selecting stickers from various categories withing this app. You can select a like features from following categories. - Hair Styles - Hair Color - Face shapes & Skin Color -...

  • Rain Photo Effects




    Easily add rainy effects to your photo. This apps allows you to save a gif of raining effects to your photo. It adds a natural look of rain to any of your photograph. - Select a photo from mobile gallery - An animation of rain along with your photo will start. - You need to click the save...

  • Burning Fire Photo Effects




    Easily create a burning frame photo effect. This apps allows you to save a gif burning photo frame into jpg images. - Select a photo from mobile gallery - The photo will be placed into a live burning photo frame. - You need to click the save button to save that live burning photo frame into jpg...

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