Johannes Zweng

  • Bankomat Card Infos

    Bankomat Card Infos




    Tries to read infos from NFC-enabled Maestro debit cards. (Tested only with Austrian cards until now.) Infos: ---------------------------------- This app tries to read free accessible informations (and if found) the last debit transactions from Austrian (and maybe other) Maestro debit cards (in...

  • MemInfo





    Just shows detailled infos about current memory, compcache and swap usage. (It simply displays data from the "/proc" directory.) - Small and simple application - Does not run in background - Does not refresh automatically - Just shows you memory info when you ask for it

  • SMS Sent Time

    SMS Sent Time




    Background infos on this app: ##### IMPORTANT for Android 4.4 (KitKat): On Android 4.4 apps cannot write the system SMS database anymore. This is a major change by Google. To re-enable this again you need to go to Android's hidden settings page "App Ops" and...

  • Headset Button Fix

    Headset Button Fix




    For HTC Hero ONLY: Workaround allowing you to use the buttons on your bluetooth headset with other music players (TuneWiki, MixZing,..). Blame HTC for not implementing this feature! You need to remove the HTC player or both will play (see info in app)!

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