John Leehey

  • Biotrak




    Biotrak (still in beta) is an exercise app designed to track valuable workout data such as heart rate, speed, location and distance for athletes. Our heart rate monitor is not fully developed, but please stay tuned! 1.3.1 update: Fix force close / map update issue 1.3 update: - Minor UI...

  • 20 Guesses: Animals!




    What animal are you thinking of? 20 Guesses: Animals will try to figure it out! Think of an animal, and the application will attempt to figure out which animal you are thinking of in 20 questions or less. See if it can't guess all of the different animals you try!

  • QuickText PRO




    Create message templates for one-click sending from your home screen! Do you find yourself sending the same text messages to the same people all of the time? Why keep retyping those repetitive texts over and over? QuickText Pro lets you save the messages you use most, ready to send any time you...

  • QuickText




    QuickText is an SMS application designed to speed up those repetitive text messages. If you find yourself sending the same text message to the same group of people (or just a single person) all the time, this app's for you! Just create a message template and QuickText will have it available...

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