John Li

  • Access Database Manager




    Open Microsoft Access database on your Android Device with Access Database Manager, you can view it easily with Zoom, Sort and Paging. You can even edit it directly on your phone or pad with in-app purchase feature 'Edit Data'. ********** 'Access Database Manager' available on...

  • Pebble Tools




    You can use this app with your Pebble watch (Pebble Tools Installed on your watch) to control you phone to: * Take Photo * Record audio and play the last record audio * Make phone call * Send SMS * Turn Flashlight on / off * Change music/ring/notification volume * Make your phone vibrate *...

  • Audio Recorder




    This application is a simple and easy to use voice recorder . Features: - Unlimited record time and file size (only limited by your SDCard size), recorded file are saved at folder: sdcard/AudioRecorder. - Simple and easy to use user interface, start fast - Play the audio when you select it. -...

  • SQLite Manager




    View and edit SQLite database on your Android device, features: ********** 'SQLite Database Manager' available on Android, Mac and iOS ********** New User Guide on Youtube: * Now we support view and edit ROOT mode database via In-app purchase (New...

  • 电话归属地





  • VSD and VSDX Viewer




    Easily view Microsoft Visio VSD and VSDX file on your Android device with 'VSD AND VSDX Viewer'. ***** 'VSD and VSDX Viewer' available on Android, iOS and Mac. ***** You can open file from your Phone storage or SDCard using the build-in File Manager. Also support open from...

  • 列车时刻表




    简单易用的离线列车时刻表、火车时刻表(离线查询,无需网络): (官方网址: * 火车/列车站站查询 * 火车/列车车次查询 * 界面多种颜色可选 * 自带数据,无需联网即可查询 * 数据定期更新 * 查询结果可以通过短信/邮件/蓝牙发给别人 * 车次、站点快捷输入 * 站点地图功能,火车经过的站点一目了然 ( 注意:请注意对照当天车次时间以免错误,以列车实时信息为准...

  • Dot Graph Viewer




    Use 'Dot Graph Viewer' to create and view Graphviz files on your Android Device. ***** 'Dot Graph Viewer' available on Android and iOS. ***** Note: Graphviz (short for Graph Visualization Software) is a package of open-source tools initiated by AT&T Labs Research for drawing...

  • Contacts Backup




    Simple UI , easy to use APP to backup your contacts. The output file is simple plain text file (CSV), you can edit it freely. Features: 1. Summary contacts count and contact frequency. 2. Click on the summary list items will display the contact person who contact many times. 3. Backup contacts...

  • Speed ​​Dial




    This is a fast dial-up program: - SmartInit can automatically setup shortcut for most frequent contact person - You can set each number to dial-up shortcut - You can set image as dial-up shortcut - When create shortcut for Contact, the contact image will be used if it exists. - In context menu...

  • Audio Record for Android Wear




    This is our popular Audio Recorder (over 1 million downloads) for Android Wear version. Control Audio Recorder on your brand new Android Wear Watch. Watch Features: - Fully control the phone App, record/stop record/play/stop play/pause. Phone Features: - Unlimited record time and file size...

  • Speed Dial for Android Wear




    Do you want to dial your recent Contacts with a single touch on your Watch? Then talk and listen use the Phone Speaker or a hands-free bluetooth headsets ? The Speed Dial for Android Wear is right for this needs, you will never need to hold the phone all the time just to find contacts to dial....

  • Dialer for Android Wear




    Dial and phone call any phone number directly on your Android Wear Watch. - Number pad to dial number on Watch - Option to automatically turn on Speaker - End phone call on the Watch - Recent number on the Watch with one touch to Call - Phone call even under screen lock

  • 广州公交(离线)查询




    广州公交车信息(离线)查询: * 站站查询,模糊站名查询 * 按照车次查询 * 发送到短信、邮件、记事本 * 可以查看部分车次的地图路线 * 内置地铁线路图

  • 深圳公交查询




    深圳公交车信息(离线)查询: * 站站查询,模糊站名查询 * 按照车次查询 * 发送到短信、邮件、记事本 * 可以查看部分车次的地图路线 * 内置地铁线路图

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