John Mackay

  • HangGirl




    HangGirl is really easy to use version of the popular Hangman game played all over the world but with a more feminine edge. This version has several cartoon, game and film based categories. More categories are being added all the time, so updating this app to the latest version will provide more...

  • Simpelz Simon




    A really simple to use version of the Follow Me or Simon Style game played all over the world. The objective is to follow the light sequence of the flashing squares for as long as you can. Really addictive, easy to play game with very simple controls.

  • Simple Connect 4




    A really simple, player v player version of the popular 4 in a row game of which the objective is to get 4 in a row, either vertically, diagonally or horizontally before your opponent. This is a no-bells-and-whistles version which fills the entire screen in landscape, great for children to learn...

  • Simple Time4Kids




    A really simple to use 'Time Game' application that provides sessions of 10 random or sequenced time questions to enable children to learn how to tell the time. The clock face is analogue with a choice of a simple face, minutes or 24 hour layers. The application works on mobile and tablet...

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