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Christmas Carols

Christmas Сarols and Songs with lyrics and support of setting as ringtones , alert/notification tones and alarm tones. More than 40 christmas carols and songs. Christmas Widget and Christmas Video Karaoke ! You can sing them along or listen this wonderful music as christmas radio with your kids. Really magic tunes and instrumental music ! Welcome t…

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Ideal Weight (BMI,etc.) is the unique mobile application for all people who train , loss weight , gain weight or simply want to know all body indexes. Easy to use design - 3 Steps: 1. Select Indexes (You can select multiple Indexes to count them all in one click) 2. Input body parameters 3. Get Results Unique features: 1.13 Indexes 2. Easy to use…

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Zen Stories

Zen Stories for your Android. Feel the real wisdom and zen philosophy of teachers of the past . In this little application you will dive into wonderful world of zen teaching by reading wisdom words accompanied with zen meditation sounds and music. Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that developed in China during the 6th century as Chán. From Chi…

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Numerology Square

The app provides a methodology of calculation of human qualities with which he came into this world, created by the ancient scientist of Pythagoras. The technique is called Pythagoras Square, since the result is presented in the form of a square. The calculation is made on the date of birth of the individual. Also, therea are a complete description…

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Download AIO IPTV Player AIO IPTV Player icon

Program AIO IPTV player allows you to watch TV channels from different networks. Supports all types of sharing IPTV networks: 1) Direct link to the channel in the format HTTP (Unicast) 2) Multicast IP TV via udp proxy (installed on the computer, router, etc..) 3) Multicast IP TV directly without udp proxy (not all devices support this feature) In…

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Memories Diary

The idea of creating this app was born, while I had watched the movie "Peter Pan", when he (Peter Pan) remembers his happy memory and how to fly. This app is designed to record yout happy memories, thougths and never forget how to "fly":) Happy Notes will remind you about these memories in the most necessary moments... Now you…

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