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  • Bill O' Reilly

    Bill O' Reilly




    Do you love Bill O' Reilly and the Factor? Get all the latest information on your favorite TV host through news, twitter, facebook, and videos.

  • Laura Ingraham

    Laura Ingraham




    Laura Ingraham has charmed millions in her radio broadcasts. This app delivers all the latest news, twitter, facebook, and audio for the conservative fan of The Laura Ingraham Show.

  • Brian Regan Funny

    Brian Regan Funny


    Follow Brian Regan and his Laugh Out Loud comedy through his personal twitter and facebook, watch his latest ranting and ravings via website and YouTube, and more. Keep this funny man close and laugh.

  • How to Write a Book

    How to Write a Book




    Have you ever wanted to write a book, but didn't know how to get started? Learn all the basics to creating a book that's inside of you waiting to be written.

  • Michael Strahan

    Michael Strahan




    Follow Michael Strahan, 7x NFL Pro Bowl, single season sack leader, and new co-host on Live! with Kelly.

  • McKayla Maroney

    McKayla Maroney




    Follow McKayla Maroney, a gold and silver medalist in gymnastics, and one of the best vaulters in the world via facebook, twitter, and videos.

  • Condoleezza Rice

    Condoleezza Rice




    Are you a fan of Condoleezza Rice? Follow the former Secretary of State and all her doings through facebook, twitter, and video.

  • Creflo A. Dollar

    Creflo A. Dollar




    Has Creflo A. Dollar positively changed your life? Follow Creflo via facebook, twitter, audio, video, so you can be armed with the knowledge and wisdom to pursue the life you deserve.

  • T.D. Jakes

    T.D. Jakes




    Follow the latest with Bishop T.D. Jakes, his ministries, and the Potter Church. This updated app includes twitter, facebook, video; even submit a prayer.

  • Joyce Meyer

    Joyce Meyer




    Do you love Joyce Meyer? Let her help you find the love and hope of Jesus Christ through her daily devotionals, twitter, facebook, and inspiring videos.

  • Billy Graham

    Billy Graham




    Billy Graham has touched millions of lives in his ministry since 1947. Follow Billy and let him help you develop a closer relationship with god with daily devotion, facebook, twitter, and inspiring videos presented by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

  • Ryan Tannehill

    Ryan Tannehill


    Follow Ryan Tannehill, quarterback of the Miami Dolphins as he navigates the treacherous waters of his 2012 NFL rookie Football season--latest news, twitter, facebook, and video for your favorite player and team.

  • Nigahiga Comedy

    Nigahiga Comedy


    Nigahiga, a blend of personality and comedy is one of YouTube's top channels with Ryan Higa as the star. Keep up to date with the latest video offerings, follow on Twitter, Facebook, and check out HigaTV!

  • PewDiePie





    Pewdie or PewDiePie is a gamer from Sweden who loves his video games, especially the horror genre. Follow his antics through updated video, Facebook, Twitter, and his blog.

  • Annoying Orange

    Annoying Orange




    If you love Annoying Orange as much as me, then you'll love this--delivering all the latest video, facebook, twitter, and gut-busting humor to brighten your day.

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