• Multiplication




    Multiplication table (Math) -simple and easy -latest design -times 1 to 20 table -easy scrolling

  • AES Location Detector




    Designed to detect AES speed and traffic light camera (Malaysia) Automatic Enforcement System Malaysia Others great app: Metromy : Railway Malaysia Multiple Language support. (English, Chinese, Malay) Able to work with GPS...

  • AES Location Detector V2




    New V2 version Improve version from AES Location Detector. -display AES camera direction by purple indicatior. -display car moving toward direction (North, East, West, South). -Jelly Bean view support for most android version. Designed to detect AES speed and traffic light camera (Malaysia)...

  • AES Speed Camera Singapore




    Designed to display AES speed camera Singapore only Able to work with GPS alone without Internet connection. Assist driver view Speed camera. Provide flexible adjustable setting in alert, distance and etc. Feature -always display nearest camera. -provided with map to show speed camera, focus...

  • Metromy : Railway Malaysia




    Designed to helps you to get routing all railway type. within Malaysia. Complete transport planner. Rapid ,KTM , LRT , Monorel, KLIA Transit ,STAR, KLIA Express. -Provide price of each route. -Provide switching station information. -Provide each total travel distance of each path routing....

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