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Introduced the matrix are used buttons to perform operations on rows / columns, Gauss and Gauss-Jordan, allowing us to solve systems of linear equations with this method. The resulting matrices are shown in a vertical list and can be undone one by one the operations. You can also directly get the value of the determinant and inverse matrix.

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Fractions Calculator

It is a calculator with some extra fractions and simplify a fraction, to reduce common denominator set of fractions and calculate the greatest common factor and least common multiple of a set of integers.

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Registro Llamadas

It is based on the call log to different statistics. Show listings sorted by minute contacts / out, no calls to exit / entry, dropped calls and missed calls. You can also see a horizontal bar graph comparing the minutes of exit / entry, etc. There is version 3, called Record Calls 3 that adapts better to different types of screens.

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Registro Llamadas 3

Statistics of calls and minutes of today's entry and exit of the month and all. Possibility to compare calls / minutes / out a year with a bar graph.

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Sys2E free version that contains no advertising and is fully functional but does not have all the features found in the PRO version . -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Solve stepper systems of 2 linear equations with 2 unknowns by the methods of substitution, equalization and reduction.…

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Phone Secure

With Phone Secure will have more chances of recovering your phone in case of theft by sending sms. Receive information via SMS and / or e-mail. Settings The first time you start the Secure Phone shows the configuration screen where you enter the security code to access the next time and to run operations through SMS. We must also enter a phon…

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