Jose Pedro Manglano

  • iPasión




    La Pasión de Cristo ha dado mucho que hablar. Cuentos, pintura, reflexiones, poesías, homilías, pregones, Via Crucis, Semana Santa… y otras expresiones de la Pasión están aquí recogidas. En tu bolsillo puedes llevar siglos de historia, arte, reflexiones y curiosidades que han surgido en torno a...

  • iMaria




    Devotion to the Virgin Mary is te display of love of millions and millions of people. With this App we can get even closer to our Holy Mother. There are not that many apparitions approved by the church: here you have the story of each of them. However, there are hundreds of invocations: by...

  • iNavidad




    Why do we put up a Christmas tree or a Nativity scene these days? What is the reason to sing carols? Why do we eat turkey on Christmas holidays? With this app, iChristmas (iNavidad) you will have Christmas in your pocket. Lots of stories, Christmas carols, homilies and more (in text and audio)...

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