Josua Dietze

  • PPP Widget

    PPP Widget




    Use your phone or your 3G modem stick with your Android device's USB host for Internet access - even if it is Wifi-only. There is no guarantee that all device combinations are working - READ and UNDERSTAND the requirements below ! And keep in mind that I don't get paid anything for this...

  • Solitaire NG

    Solitaire NG




    Ken Magic's successful "Solitaire" adapted to more recent ('Next Generation') devices. Free as in "freedom". Open source, no ads. Changes against the original include: - "Deal" menu entry for devices with few hardware buttons - Dynamic card size,...

  • Cumulus for Gingerbread

    Cumulus for Gingerbread




    Full navigation suite for glider flying and other aircraft activities. This is a port from Qt, with libraries and program provided as native code for ARM processors. Important: You need additional components on the SD card. See homepage for a package and further advice. Only useful with a...

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