• LinkBuster




    LinkBuster busts shortened links so you know what you are getting into before opening the link! A full security report is given on links, even non-shortened links. Stop worrying about web pages wiping your phone, check them out with LinkBuster first! "The web is a nasty place. Plenty of...

  • BlockFall




    Launch the ball face to try and knock the block faces off of the platforms! Knock enough block faces off to progress to the next level. There are many challenging puzzles and many different ways to solve each one. If you score enough points, you get a gold score. Try to get a gold score on each...

  • Computer Troubleshooter




    Computer Troubleshooter compiles the most common PC problems and suggests ways to fix them. Divided into three sections, it's the place to turn when you need a quick reference guide--or professional help. The Fixes section covers problems ranging the familiar--the dreaded Blue Screen of...

  • BlockFall Builder




    BlockFall Builder is a level creator for BlockFall. It allows you to create your own levels for BlockFall. You can create great levels with BlockFall Builder and play them in BlockFall. All levels are stored at the root of your sd card in a BlockFall folder and can easily be shared by sending...

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