• Educational Maths for Kids




    Educational Maths for Kids is a fun way to help children learn about maths. Also suitable for adults as this is a good brain test and you can improve your math calculations speed. This game consist in resolve the puzzle by giving the correct results of the operations that will appear randomly,...

  • Mixed




    It's here our latest addition! Have fun in this challenging game which will test your memory and different skills that you will discover as you play. Mixed is a game where you have to find the matching pair, so we could say it is a matching game. Not a game type or mezcladitos apalabrados,...

  • ScreenShoot




    Screen Shoot is a prank app which simulates shoots on our phone screen when we touch it You want to fool your family/friends? or maybe just want to simulate the shoot sound? then this app is perfect for you! lots of laugh guaranteed! Note that this app is not an screenshot one, we don't...

  • Letters The Game




    Are you ready for a very addictive game? lots of fun guaranteed! Suitable for both, adults and kids! This game consists in to type as fast as you can the words or letters that will be appearing through the right side of the screen. IMPORTANT: When a letter appears you can achieve...

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