• General Knowledge Trivia Quiz

    General Knowledge Trivia Quiz




    This application will give you the opportunity to demonstrate what they know about politics, literature, history and sports among others. With over 1,000 questions General Knowledge Trivia Quiz is one of the best simulators trivial / quiz that you can find today in the Market. In addition, there...

  • One, Two, Three, Answer!

    One, Two, Three, Answer!




    SPANISH Application set in the classic TV show of the eighties. Shows what you know in this application which is based on one of three parts. Compete with your peers / as and do not forget to share and rate it. Tags: Trivia, Quiz, Trivia, mezcladitos, mezcladito, Mezcladitos, games, fun,...

  • Cut The Fruits

    Cut The Fruits




    Cut The Fruits is a game where you have to slash different kinds of fruits before they smash into your screen and crack it. Check out how fast your eyes and fingers can go and how far you can advance in this amazing free game! Be aware of put the rest of the fruits inside the trash can! It will...

  • Numbers Game for Kids

    Numbers Game for Kids




    Balloon Numbers is an application created for kids although, it is also highly recommended for adults as it is an excellent mental exercise Have fun in this game with best high definition graphics .. Numbers Balloon allows children to become familiar with whole numbers and exercise both their...

  • Happy Santa

    Happy Santa




    Christmas is nearly here and Santa Claus as well, in this amazing game you are Santa and you have a job to do. Are you ready to give out presents to all? Be careful of the bold children . Download this and discover the surprise that await you inside. You like Moshi Monsters, Sponge bob,...

  • Mixed





    It's here our latest addition! Have fun in this challenging game which will test your memory and different skills that you will discover as you play. Mixed is a game where you have to find the matching pair, so we could say it is a matching game. Not a game type or mezcladitos apalabrados,...

  • Happy Birds

    Happy Birds




    Christmas is nearly here and Happy Bird as well, in this amazing game you are the Bird and you have a job to do. Are you ready to avoid that these kill them? Help Moshi Monsters, Sponge bob, Monster high, Pokemon, dora,spongebob, micky! Be careful of the bold children . Download this and...

  • ScreenShoot





    Screen Shoot is a prank app which simulates shoots on our phone screen when we touch it You want to fool your family/friends? or maybe just want to simulate the shoot sound? then this app is perfect for you! lots of laugh guaranteed! Note that this app is not an screenshot one, we don't...

  • Letters. The Game

    Letters. The Game




    The most addictive game Type as fast as you can the words that will appear on the screen, IMPORTANT: When a letter appears you can achieve multi-shooting by pressing the letter repeatedly This is not a puzzle game puzzles either, or hanged, or words (like Apalabrados or mezcladitos), or...

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