• 5.0

    Glowium - Brain Challenge




    Glowium introduces a new and original concept of puzzle game

  • Cut a Sheep!




    Cut a Sheep is the sheepiest puzzle for activating your inner genius. Play with the sheep from time to time and start thinking logically. Don’t be a chicken – entangle a sheep! ★ 100% COTTON ★ Lots of levels from very easy to extremely difficult! ★ Regular updates ★ All levels are FREE! ★ Giftiz...

  • Secret Connection




    ✰ From the creator of GlowPuzzle! Secret Connection is an extremely addictive neon themed puzzle game! The goal here is quite trivial - all set to cross a line without breaking it, and do not cross any line twice. Sounds simple, but in reality it would be quite different, especially in the...

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