• Mr Doodle Attack

    Mr Doodle Attack


    The interesting doodle style game, come and challenge. Mr. Doodle wants to fly higher, but there are lot of obstacles in front of me. Now you can help him fly higher, just tap on him to control his position. And help him fly higher and higher. The interesting background music in game, the...

  • Jump! 1000 Tower!

    Jump! 1000 Tower!




    Jump! Jump! can you jump 1000 tower? Do you like explore castle tower? Do you like pixel Castle Tower world? If you do, you will enjoy this Jumping game. Castle doors open, Get ready to blast off on our pixel knight journey with #Jump! 1000 Tower#. In this pixel Castle Tower world, Oh!...

  • Crazy Jumping Hero

    Crazy Jumping Hero




    Crazy Jumping Hero is excellent physical based jumping game. In this game you have to shoot our little jumping hero from the cannon and let him land on the platform on your way. Fly and Jump, put your best score on the world ranking! How to play: - Touch the screen to aim and release your...

  • Super Jump Block

    Super Jump Block




    Jump, jump and jump as high as possible to gain high score. Tilt the device to move the Block left and right. Collect springs, jet packs and more to jump higher but watch you don't fall... Coding: joy Music: Kevin MacLeod

  • Clappy Soccer

    Clappy Soccer




    Enjoy Clappy Soccer! Cool heading football game! We are inviting you to enjoy our carnival celebration from soccer world! This is a small but magic stage and all super friends are gathered together. Football is essential, music is essential, and competition is essential of course. Carnival...

  • Joy Drums

    Joy Drums




    The best android drums, freestyle play with real drum sounds. Joy Drums is the fast and realistic drum app. Play 100% pure drums with this easy-to-use portable drum pad. If you are a drummer or constantly tapping on things, you may really enjoy this app. Features: Multi touch Support 8 pads...

  • 1234





    1234 is a fun but simple number game. Find out numbers from 1 sequentially, and higher score will get with more accurate and faster clicks. 1234 is designed with 3 levels, waiting for different challenges. Hope you can enjoy the game and exercise your vision, attention and reaction at the same...

  • Dancing Penguin

    Dancing Penguin




    We are saving penguin and come to join us. Penguin needs your help. The penguins encounter monster and need to run as fast as they can, you can help them by tapping the button and without drown. It is very simple and exciting, the player just tap the buttons at the bottom of screen and command...

  • Gorilla Dash

    Gorilla Dash




    Run! Gorilla Run! Gorilla Dash has simple one tap control. Run with the tiny Gorilla as far as possible as you can. However, it will not be as simple as it may seem at first sight! On your way, you must be cautious about a lot of traps and avoid to fall from the platform. Can you beat the best...

  • Neon Racing

    Neon Racing




    The most gorgeous racing game is coming! Neon Racing is an arcade racing game. Cool music and easy gameplay make this game fun and enjoyable. In this racing game, you are expected by mysterious space, colorful lighting, a beautiful fire tail and a lot of challenges! HOW TO PLAY: Tap the...

  • Ninja vs Bubbles

    Ninja vs Bubbles




    You are a ninja. Slice bubbles as fast as you can by your finger! Ninja vs Bubbles is a ninja style action game where you have to slash different kinds of bubbles before they fall out of your screen. At the first level, you have 100 seconds to obtain as much stars as you can by bursting...

  • Light Weapon Free

    Light Weapon Free




    One of the future sword simulation. Swing your phone around to produce cool sword sound effects and ignite or extinguish the blade with a tap. Use the menu key to change the 4 blade colors.

  • Endless Chips

    Endless Chips




    The most useless game: Endless Chips Do you love chips? Do you want to eat bag after bag of chips? Tap screen to eat potato chips! oh! I Can't Stop Eating Potato Chips!

  • Terminate That Bird

    Terminate That Bird




    “Terminate That Bird” is one of cool pixel style physical game. This is the absolute best method for beating that flappy bird. If you want to relieve your emotional torment. Come on! Try this Termination Game. You will get what you want. Objectives: Touch your screen to grind coming birds....

  • Neon Racing 2

    Neon Racing 2




    The most gorgeous Neon Racing 2 is coming! Neon Racing 2 is an arcade racing game. It is the update version of Neon Racing. Cool music and easy gameplay make this game fun and enjoyable. In this racing game, you are expected by mysterious space, colorful lighting, a beautiful fire tail and a...

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