• PictureEditor





    PictureEditor is photo-editiong for Android. You can edit the picture by the Filter, stamp and input text. And can be send e-mail.

  • FingerPaint





    Finger Paint is Android’s touch painting application. Simple, Easy, and Fun! you can see a cute icon menu also.. like iPhone!?

  • Idea_Note





    Idea-Note is an application for Android. Canvas, camera, recording function, the moment ideas. Created to save the application and any place.

  • Baby Call

    Baby Call




    Baby Call application is using sound. Check the information in the sound of the ambient noise levels in decibels shows. The graph also shows the measured data. Alarm call and the phone number and the specified decibel and decibel over a specified number of times exceeds setting value by calling...

  • Bubble Word

    Bubble Word




    Word Are stored in the database by looking at the list of words to study the screen. • Enter your own words and the word later translated into the Google API • Search for a word list • for each language, the list in ascending order Start Using words that are stored in the database is the...

  • CocktailMaker





    Cocktail to create a virtual application . You can also search for recipes.

  • DigitalCardLocker





    DigitalCardLocker is taking a business card application

  • EyeTest





    EyeTest is possible to measure the self-vision. Measuring 50 cm and 3 meters and you alone of 50 cm, the two man of 3 meters should be measured. Measurement range is 0.1 to 2.0.

  • ARKA





    It is a Arkanoid that control the bar with a orientation sensor the game. You can control the bar with that tilted cellular phone.

  • HappyBirthDay





    HappyBirthDay is virtual birthday cake. Supported setting of candles, fireworks and music. And you can blow out the candles.

  • aPod





    It is a media player like to UI of iPod. The menu is moved and it is possible to select it by the wheel. Support a background play that keeps listening to music after application is ended.






    The goal of this game is how well a salaryman is coming back home without any accident but there are a lot of barriers attacking him on his way home. He can be back to his family if he clear all of barriers and kill the boss. However, please be aware of that he will die on the street if he fail...

  • Tokyo Route Map

    Tokyo Route Map




    Tokyo Route Map, the subway in Japan (Tokyo Metro) application that can view them offline route list and route map.

  • Gesture Keyboard

    Gesture Keyboard




    Gesture Keyboard is English IME. This is based on the QWERTY keyboard and finger's gesture is used as input method. You can type if you fling key to up, down, left and right. If you use this method, a number of input will be decreased so you can type faster than any other existing input method.

  • FingerPaintPro





    Finger Paint Pro is touch painting application of Android. You can load images from SDcard and Camera, And you can make Puzzle image. Supported Gmeil and Picasa.

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