• CPS2HD Emulator




    * Google+ Online Battle * * Google+ Online Battle * * Google+ Online Battle * You can play against a random player or Google+ friends. [CPS2 Emulator] You can find the complete instruction at website below.

  • Jrioni Arcade Full Version




    -- Fix Jellybean issue. It's all working good! -- Fix auto-move. This makes easy to play fighting games. * supports CPS1, NEOGEO and .37 MAME rom set. Please visit my blog below for more details.

  • Acorn Defender


    * You start with a limited acorn ammo. * Hit birds consecutively in the air (combo) to earn more ammo. * Game is over when you run out of ammo or kill the last Boss. -Upload your best score, combo and hit ratio! -Support multi-touch (2 or more touches) -Great on Phone or Tablet!

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