Jérémie Klemke

  • Tiny Magnets




    Tiny Magnets is a new way to play platformer game. A duet game, with two magnets, playing the same level, one is upside-down. With just one control, tapping the screen to jump, guide your two heroes at the same time over dangers and jump onto blocks to get to the end of the level. Any mistake...

  • Tomato World 2




    Indie game, Tomato World 2, a funny and hard side scrolling plateformer with retro design and fast gameplay. We added a lot of new cool stuffs for this second version like, the height of the levels that lets you explore and have multiples way to finish a level. To speed things up, we created...

  • HyperSpace Δ




    Travel in hyperspace, and avoid deadly geometry ! Well, that's the basic concept... But there is more : We're using the gyroscope as a camera and ship movement, it is like having an open window to the game, really immersive and a Blast to play ! Because we believe in space–time...

  • Tomato World




    Indie game, Tomato World, is a side scrolling plateformer with amazing retro graphics. It is really simple, just one control, Tap the screen to Jump. Simple doesn't mean you will make it through 45 crazy levels ! Cute and addictivve, jump into this super adventurer ! Things in the game :...

  • Impossible Run - endless jump




    Impossible run is a really hard inifinite plateformer game. You embody Philip, a tiny pixelated knight in a quest looking for the end of an infinite level... But guess what ?!! There is none ! So he got to jump over lava again and again to satisfy people's rank... Similar to the hit Flappy...

  • Pool billiard !




    How about a game of pool to kill time ! Play 8-ball pool billiard with your friends or against a challenging AI. Easiest gameplay ever ! Shoot with one single finger touch from anywhere on the screen. Best way to improve your billiard's skills. Pool billiard features: - 6 CPU levels -...

  • Be The Dealer




    Are you a card lover ? Be The Dealer lets you be the man who fancies them the most. Cuz you know, everyone has to deal with something, someday... This is a game similar to Fruit Ninja, focused on the score and combos. Beat your own score beeing more and more acurate ! Crush your friend's...

  • Ink - Sketch, paint, draw.




    Ink transforms your device into a drawing tablet. This is a drawing application that lets you sketch and paint with watercolors, feather, pencil, brushes... The engine is Really Fast ! There is No delay between the touch and the following line. Drawing, painting, coloring, sketching,...

  • Coloring Book-Paint Draw Kids




    All the drawings inside the app are originals, made for this app by artists !! MultiTouch let you paint with your friends all-together on the same screen !! Coloring Book HD - Paint & Draw for Kids It's totally free, no additionnal cost ! All the illustrations and tools are available...

  • Paperless-Draw, sketch, tablet




    "Painting has never been so easy, the ink engine is fantastic, lines are looking smooth, the feeling is amazing" This is a Drawing application that let you sketch and paint with water colors, feather, pencil, brushes... The engine is Really Fast ! There is No delay between the touch...

  • Bunny Jump Arcade !




    ★ Carefull !! This jumping game is Really Addictive ! Bunny Jump is an arcade plateform jumping game, doodle jump like, where you have to jump as high as you can to get the highest score. The gameplay offers a big Plus, you can control the height of your jump when you touch the screen, it...

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