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Root Browser

Root Browser is the ultimate file manager for rooted users. Explore al...

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8 Users
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ROM Toolbox Lite

An all-in-one app and ROM manager, and root browser tool box

Free | 7 50.2K

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ROM Installer

ROM Installer, by JRummy Apps, is the best way to find and install cus...

Free | 7.8 30.8K

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Download BusyBox Installer BusyBox Installer icon

BusyBox Installer

Busybox Installer is the most easy to use busybox installer on the mar...

Free | 8.2 20.3K

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Download Theme Chooser Themes Theme Chooser Themes icon

Theme Chooser Themes

The fastest and most efficient way to get themes for the T-Mobile Them...

Free | 7.6 7K

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Build Prop Editor

This is a build.prop editor for Android root users. With this app you...

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Ultimate Backup

Ultimate Backup isn't just a backupping app but a comprehensive app ma...

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Root Check

Got root? This app will let you know if your device has root (superuse...

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