• The Bermuda Triangle

    The Bermuda Triangle




    A 6 part documentary revealing the stores and secrets surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Beauty Tips For The Face

    Beauty Tips For The Face




    A collection of instructional video lessons on beauty tips for the face. Clean before Facials Make an Herbal Face Mask Keep Your Face Looking Great Use Facial Scrubs Use Facial Cleansers Sensitive Skin Use a Facial Moisturiser Pick Skin Care Products : Applying Facial Moisturiser What Is the...

  • Pilates Gymball Workouts Part1

    Pilates Gymball Workouts Part1


    Professional Dancers and Twins Polly & Sophie will introduce you to PIlates utilising the Gymball. This is a great way to gain fitness and wellbeing Introduction Postural & Breathing Lateral Breathing Pelvic Floor Lateral Breathing Using The Ball Back Stretch Using The Ball Breathing On...

  • Earth The Biography Volcanoes

    Earth The Biography Volcanoes


    Earth The Biography - Volcanoes is a truly breath taking documentary about our planet and the incredible act of nature - the volcano. Learn about how & why we have volcanoes and learn what makes them tick. Included in this five part documentary: Volcanoes Pt 1 Volcanoes Pt 2 Volcanoes Pt...

  • Learn Lyrics Michael Jackson

    Learn Lyrics Michael Jackson


    A collection of 23 Videos that will teach you the lyrics of your favourite M.J. Song. Includes: Who Is It Dirty Diana Man In The Mirror Will You Be There Heal The World You Are Not Alone Beat It Smooth Criminal Thriller You Rock My World Give In To Me Earth Song This Is It Black Or White...

  • Police Pursuits & Chases

    Police Pursuits & Chases




    23 Crazy Police Pursuits & Chases captured on video: Radnor CA Police Chase Crashes Criminals Can Drive New Jersey Chase Stolen Police Car High Speed Chase Stolen Truck Crash Crazy Chase They Cant Stop Him Crazy Man Deadly Truck Chase Porsche Tries Escaping Cops Chase Ford GT Best Chase In...

  • Skateboarding Tips & Tricks

    Skateboarding Tips & Tricks




    A great collection of 20 instructional videos on Skateboarding. Learn: Powerslide Nose Manual Land Flip Tricks Stationary Ollie Old School Tricks Kickflip Frontside 180 Hard Flip Heel Flip 360 Flip Impossible Calf Wrap Space Walk Pivot Ollie Nose Manual Casper and much more !

  • Beauty Tips For The Eyes

    Beauty Tips For The Eyes




    A collection of 20 instructional video on the subject of Beauty Tips For The Eyes. Wearing Colour On The Eyes Eliminating Puffy Eyes Smokey Eyes Easy Eyeliner Makeup for Green Eyes Remove Bags Under Your Eyes Reduce Dark Circles Makeup for Large Eyes Transforming Your Eyes Tired Eyes Natural...

  • Learn To Play Golf - Bunkers

    Learn To Play Golf - Bunkers




    From the Play Golf series of apps by Martyn Clarke a teaching PGA Professional. This app concentrates on Bunker play and includes: Introduction Etiquette Rules In The Bunker Greenside Bunker The Splash Shot Plugged Lie Fairway Bunkers Summary You will learn something every time you play the app!

  • Britain's Underworld Liverpool

    Britain's Underworld Liverpool




    A 5 part documentary on Britain's Underworld Liverpool. This fascinating documentary provides a thought provoking insight to what goes on in Liverpool away from the public view.

  • Breakdance Moves

    Breakdance Moves


    A collection of videos about Breakdancing from all over the world!

  • Breakdancing For Beginners

    Breakdancing For Beginners




    20 video lessons for Breakdancing Beginners. Includes: The Tut Breakdancing Move The Glide Moves And Steps Combining Moves Flares How To Do A 1990 Shuffles, Freezes, & Poses Up Rocking Revolutions The Turtle Overview The Arch Windmills Six Step How To Swipe How To Rubberbank How To...

  • Boxing For Beginners

    Boxing For Beginners




    A great collection of 20 video lessons on the noble art of boxing. Includes: Boxing safety tips Boxing handwraps Boxing Abs Workout Jump rope drills Rope drill Throwing a Right Cross Boxing jump rope drills Jab & Cross Combo Throwing a Jab Shadow boxing Boxing footwork Develop Advanced...

  • Beach Body Workouts

    Beach Body Workouts




    20 Video lessons on Beach Body Workouts! Includes Burn Calories Workout Celeb Bikini Body Baywatch Workout Beach Bum Workout- Legs Beach Bum Workout- Arms Beach Bum Workout- Bum Hot Bikini Body Tight Summer Booty For Busy Mums Bikini Body Circuit Summer Slim Down Total Body Toning Beach Body...

  • Ballroom Dancing Beginners Pt1

    Ballroom Dancing Beginners Pt1




    Part one of a two part series. Part one contains 15 video lessons on the art of Ballroom Dancing. Includes Ballroom Basic Hold Cha-Cha Dance Steps in Ballroom Details of East Coast Swing Steps East Coast Swing Steps for Beginning Ballroom Dancing Fifth Position Break in Beginning Ballroom...

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