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  • Aussie Weather Radar




    Using weather maps from the BOM directly to your phone. Select a radar site from the map and you'll see radar images of any rain over the past hour or so. Look out for the full weather app when paid applications come to Android in Australia.

  • EggRaider




    EggRaider is an augmented reality Easter egg hunt around Melbourne. jTribe have hidden the eggs in and around all the laneways and cool landmarks Melbourne has on offer. The aim is to race your friends and family and try and find and then collect as many Easter eggs as you can over Easter....

  • Aussie Weather




    Australian Weather source from the BOM displayed as a widget on your Android dashboard. Current weather and forecast for major centres around Australia. Update frequency configurable (defaults to every hour) This is a widget that should be added to your dashboard. Weather radar integration...

  • PinPoint Pro




    Send via email, SMS, MMS, Brightkite and Twitter Messages can contain your address, a map and link to a google map Manually move the marker to adjust your location Configure a password to find your phone via SMS SMS "find me " or "find me exactly " to be sent the address of...

  • Squeeze Remote




    Squeeze Remote allows you to control your Logitech SqueezeCenter devices on your local network. Start it up and it will automatically find all your Logitech Squeeze output devices Aims to replace the remote that comes with the Squeezebox Duet. UPDATED - Now includes streaming radio! COMING...

  • PinPoint




    UPDATE - Google maps link sent with email A simple way to send someone your current location. - Finds your current location and displays a map with your address - Send via email, SMS or MMS - Email and MMS contains your address and a map Zoom in and adjust the map before you send it out!

  • FirePin Trip Tracker




    FirePin records trips you make with your Android Phone GPS. 1: Quick start: just name your trip and press go. 2: Trips are stored online with NO registration required 3: Share trips from the phone, allowing a friends to monitor your progress Updated: Now has a Google map live on the phone to...

  • Kids Farm




    Now your kids can have some fun on the phone as well. Watch the animals move in and out of the farm. Touch them when they stop to hear the sound that animal makes. Fun cartoons that your kids will love! Perfect for the toddler that always wants to play with your phone.

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