• ShuffleMusic




    This app is an app playing music. Select a song to play on a per-folder basis, is a music player to play or shuffle play order of songs in playlists, or. Features That can be played on a unit. Folder Volume can be reduced from two terminal configuration. Can exit the app automatically when the...

  • Meteavo




    This avoidance game. It is a tribute Park ... "Defender" game was in the "country Geist Sakura" software for GBA. It is a game that aims to avoid the high score meteorite intently. When you touch the circle at the bottom of the game screen, change the speed of the aircraft....

  • Screen timeout settings




    We will display a dialog box for setting the "time to turn off the screen backlight automatically." If that is troublesome to the default setting screen is displayed, the setting screen will be displayed at the touch of a button if you launch this app. Tap the time period of the...

  • Lock-off timer




    When you use this app, you can so you do not receive the unlock screen lights up when you leave the terminal screen. In addition, the screen turns off when the time has passed a certain period of time, it is possible to automatically turn off the lock release function, you can safely forget to...

  • Screen timeout settings widget




    This widget is switched off the backlight when you tap the time. Please install it as a widget on the home screen widgets so. Setting screen is displayed when you start as an application. Set a time every two settings in the configuration screen By tapping the widgets, the current backlight off...

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