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    Peluqueria is a simple game, designed for women and girls but anyone can play. In the application you can: - Paint the lids of the eyes. - Paint lips - Hair dye colors - Cutting hair You can also upload a photo of your face on the application. This way you can see how you feel different haircuts and different hair colors. When you upload a photo so…

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    Download TunearCoche TunearCoche icon

    It is a simple and fun game aimed at people who like the tuning. Click on the buttons to make the tuning of the car. You can change color, type of car, spoilers, exhaust pipes, bumpers, color crystals, wheels, graffiti, etc.. Pressing the button "upload" you can upload an image (graffiti, sticker, face, etc..) Designed by you. You can d…

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    Download Construccion Construccion icon

    The game Construccion consists of several levels. In the game you have to take bricks with a crane and placed on a wall (in the white area). To move the crane just have to press buttons to raise, lower, move right and move left. Moving the crane sideways a pendulum movement dificulatrá placement of the bricks will occur. Accomplish more points if…

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    Download Minigolf Minigolf icon

    Golf is a game for golf lovers. Put your finger on the screen and directed the hit. You can control the power of the blow (Bringing a finger to the ball decreases the power of the shot. Increasing the distance of the finger to the ball increases the power of the shot). Note that if the ball goes very fast, will not enter the hole. At the end of t…

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    Download Vestir Vestir icon

    vestir is a simple game designed for people who like clothes and accessories but do not have time to prove it. In the application you can dress a figure of a woman, a man, a boy or a girl with different clothes and accessories. Just press the buttons in the application and use your finger to drag the clothes on the stage. To clear the clothes do n…

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    Download Voleyball Voleyball icon

    juega al voleyball contra un adversario virtual.

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    Download FutbolAFH FutbolAFH icon

    FutbolAFH is a game of the hattrick soccer association, a federation created by a group of users of online game hattrick. The game came up with the idea of ??being the first federation to have its own mobile game. This game was created for members of the federation but anyone can play. In this game you have to make 100 shots on goal. According to…

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    Download Atracar Barco Atracar Barco icon
    Atracar Barco

    Tienes que atracar el barco en varios sitios distintos sin golpear al muelle.

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    Download Cerrajero Cerrajero icon

    "CERRAJERO" is a game for memory training. In the game you have to see and memorize the configuradión closure of a lock. Then you have to file a key to open the lock. In total there are 20 locks. You will have to open two locks to save your score. You will get points according to the time spent, used keys, attempts, and openings achieve…

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    Download QueReciclo QueReciclo icon

    It is a game designed for children (and anyone) to learn to recycle in an easy and fun way. In this game you have to place the objects that appear in the appropriate container. - You have 10 seconds to place the object in the appropriate container (if you do nothing counts as failure). - Appear on stage 60 objects in each level (there are 4 levels)…

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