• Ofertoria Las Palmas

    Ofertoria Las Palmas




    OfertoriaLPA is an APP that will help you to get the news and offers in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city. Be the first to know about news and offers from your favorite businesses Here are the best deals for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Be the first to know and be able to make the purchase before...

  • Cerrajero





    "CERRAJERO" is a game for memory training. In the game you have to see and memorize the configuradión closure of a lock. Then you have to file a key to open the lock. In total there are 20 locks. You will have to open two locks to save your score. You will get points according to the...

  • Construccion





    The game Construccion consists of several levels. In the game you have to take bricks with a crane and placed on a wall (in the white area). To move the crane just have to press buttons to raise, lower, move right and move left. Moving the crane sideways a pendulum movement dificulatrá placement...

  • PaintDisparos



    This game consists of several levels, in every level you have to shoot paintballs at 15 angry faces. Just press the finger on the faces so that the shutter is released. At the end of the game you can save your points to see your best scores and also you can send your best result to an online...

  • Limpieza



    LIMPIEZA is a simple game, similar to the classic game of Pacman. Click the buttons to move your player. You have to collect all the trash bags to pass the level. Get points for each level successfully (if you lose a life get less points). You also get points for time. At the end of the game...

  • Baloncesto



    In this game you have to shoot baskets 100 times. The launches are done in groups of 4. The first shot of the four, is a test to help you see the path that makes the ball, the other three are scoring shots. Before shooting a basket, you can move the player to either side with the buttons. Also...

  • Minigolf





    Golf is a game for golf lovers. Put your finger on the screen and directed the hit. You can control the power of the blow (Bringing a finger to the ball decreases the power of the shot. Increasing the distance of the finger to the ball increases the power of the shot). Note that if the ball goes...

  • C.B. Canarias

    C.B. Canarias




    El C.B. Canarias es un equipo de baloncesto fundado en 1939, que compite en la Liga ACB, la segunda mejor liga de baloncesto del mundo. El club tinerfeño presenta a sus seguidores esta APP desde la cual podrán acceder a: - Últimas noticias en prensa digital y comunicados del club en Facebook,...

  • FutbolAFH



    FutbolAFH is a game of the hattrick soccer association, a federation created by a group of users of online game hattrick. The game came up with the idea of ??being the first federation to have its own mobile game. This game was created for members of the federation but anyone can play. In this...

  • AnaRosa





    In this application you can see a collection of pictures of Ana Rosa Hernandez divided into three categories (oil, watercolor and acrylic), you can also access a section which explains the different techniques with painting and other artist information. Internet connection required to show the...

  • Vestir



    vestir is a simple game designed for people who like clothes and accessories but do not have time to prove it. In the application you can dress a figure of a woman, a man, a boy or a girl with different clothes and accessories. Just press the buttons in the application and use your finger to...

  • Zapateria





    In this game you can try shoes on a figure. You can also upload images of shoes that you have stored on your device, or you've drawn or you've downloaded from the website of juegamenia. Pressing the buttons, you can put in the escenrio various types of footwear. Click the button...

  • Peluqueria





    Peluqueria is a simple game, designed for women and girls but anyone can play. In the application you can: - Paint the lids of the eyes. - Paint lips - Hair dye colors - Cutting hair You can also upload a photo of your face on the application. This way you can see how you feel different haircuts...

  • Dress pets

    Dress pets




    Play dress up in different clothes and accessories for a pet . In the game you have several breeds , in addition to play hold the following buttons . - Press the button clothing and accessories button to appear on stage clothes and accessories. With your finger drag them for placement on the pet....

  • Decoracion





    This game consists of two parts: decorate and a memory game. From the main screen you can access each part by pressing buttons. The decorating part contains four scenarios (terrace, bathroom, living room and bedroom). You will have to decorate each room with different objects. Drag items with...

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