• FutbolAFH


    FutbolAFH is a game of the hattrick soccer association, a federation created by a group of users of online game hattrick. The game came up with the idea of ??being the first federation to have its own mobile game. This game was created for members of the federation but anyone can play. In this...

  • Vestir


    vestir is a simple game designed for people who like clothes and accessories but do not have time to prove it. In the application you can dress a figure of a woman, a man, a boy or a girl with different clothes and accessories. Just press the buttons in the application and use your finger to...

  • Zapateria




    In this game you can try shoes on a figure. You can also upload images of shoes that you have stored on your device, or you've drawn or you've downloaded from the website of juegamenia. Pressing the buttons, you can put in the escenrio various types of footwear. Click the button...

  • Dress pets




    Play dress up in different clothes and accessories for a pet . In the game you have several breeds , in addition to play hold the following buttons . - Press the button clothing and accessories button to appear on stage clothes and accessories. With your finger drag them for placement on the pet....

  • Decoracion




    This game consists of two parts: decorate and a memory game. From the main screen you can access each part by pressing buttons. The decorating part contains four scenarios (terrace, bathroom, living room and bedroom). You will have to decorate each room with different objects. Drag items with...

  • Draw and Paint




    DibujarPintar is a game designed specially for children. In the game have 5 pictures to paint and a blank canvas to paint what you want. Pressing the buttons you can change the brush size and color. You can design your own images (620x620) for upload to the game in this way you will always have...

  • NavidadChristmas


    Congratulates Christmas with Christmas cards designed by you. With this application you can play to design your own Christmas cards. Application is a simple and easy to use. In addition, you can add your own images (eg photos of yourself) and customize the text. To make your design just press...

  • Tunear




    It is a simple and fun game aimed at people who like the tuning. Click on the buttons to make the tuning of the car. You can change color, type of car, spoilers, exhaust pipes, bumpers, color crystals, wheels, graffiti, etc.. Pressing the button "upload" you can upload an image...

  • QueReciclo




    It is a game designed for children (and anyone) to learn to recycle in an easy and fun way. In this game you have to place the objects that appear in the appropriate container. - You have 10 seconds to place the object in the appropriate container (if you do nothing counts as failure). - Appear...

  • NavidAPP


    Con NavidAPP podras jugar a diseñar tus postales de navidad para enviar a tus amigos y familiares. Para diseñar tu postal podrás elegir entre diferentes ángeles, reyes, animales, niño, fondo, etc. Para seleccionar cada personaje/elemento tendrás que pulsar los botones que hay en la parte...

  • Optica




    Se trata de una aplicacion con la que podrás jugar a probarte diferentes modelos de gafas. Incluso podrás probar gafas, que tu hayas diseñado con tu programa de diseño favorito. Si tu dispositivo tiene camara de fotos habilitada, en el escenario aparecerá el boton "get image" y podrás...

  • Traditional puzzle game.


    In this traditional puzzle game you can get four images to reconstruct. It is a simple game designed for children but anyone can play to have a fun time.

  • Birthday card maker


    Personalize your own birthday greeting cards in an easy and simple way. In this simple application can vary card type, cake type, type of cream, gifts, cake chips, bottom type, decorations, balloons stage on / off candles with a custom number. You can also add a personalized message card. When...

  • JuegameniaAPP


    Application of Juegamenia.com. From the app you can get an updated list of apps and games available on the website of juegamenia.com. You will also find contact information and you can also play the juegamenia game from the application.

  • MariscosChapaApp


    Application Mariscos Chaparrito SL. From the app you can see a list of products, contact information including locator map and some recipes and tips for preparing seafood.

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