• Open Home Automation




    Open Home Automation is an application that let's you control your home from your cell phone using open source application. The application requires to run a dedicated server. You can find all necessary information on https://github.com/juli1/linux-automation

  • Lost Runner




    Lost Runner is a game when you have to escape from a world full of cubes. You can shoot at the cubes to destroy them or use bombs to make them disappear ! Be careful for not being hit by a cube ! This game was developed using 3-D capabilities of the Android platform but use old-school graphics...

  • Parasite Tracker




    Parasite Tracker is an application that aims at building a community of people who want to register when they are disturbed by other people. As a chronometer, it keeps a record of the time you are interrupted by someone else and gives you the capability to upload your interruption records on a...

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