julien quievreux

  • Boom


    L'application qui va faire boom dans votre smartphone! Vous oubliez ou perdez souvent votre téléphone? On vient de vous le voler? Vous n'arrivez jamais à joindre votre conjoins ou un de vos amis? Voici quelqu'un des nombreux cas qui peut-être résolus par Boom. ##Tutoriel## 1)...

  • Wizard key wifi


    ! CAUTION REQUIRES ROOT RIGHTS AND BUSYBOX ! Wifi key Wizard allows you to easily save your wifi key. And I mean easily --> in 2 clicks. Similarly with Wizard wifi key, you can restore your wifi key. Tired of retyping wep or wpa key for each new rom, this application doing it for you. This...

  • andropad2




    a small note editor unpretentious, that I would grow with my free time, which is rare! So if it can serve you take it, but don't denigrate please.

  • Led Blink




    You can use your camera's LED included on your smartphone as a flashlight. You can also easily see when you receive a sms or mms by flashing the same LED for a few seconds.

  • TextWidget




    TextWidget a widget that displays text on the screen. Use: On the desktop, supports long widget, TextWidget please don't use it if you doesn't know what is a widget...

  • Splitter




    Lets cut files into smaller parts and pick them later.

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