JunkYard Apps

  • Fling With Pets

    Fling With Pets


    Angry Birds meets a camera! Jump into the brand new game where you or your pet is the star! SIMPLE: 1. take a picture of your pet 2. Plug it into the game and be on your way!

  • Toss My Little Pony

    Toss My Little Pony


    Insert your face and you can fling yourself as My Little Pony!

  • Fling With Friends

    Fling With Friends


    Fling With Friends! The brand new adventure game where your face is the most important part of the game! Each level requires logic and the force to solve. Simple: 1.Take a picture 2.Fling yourself Share to facebook to try and compete with your friends!

  • Toss With Blues Clues

    Toss With Blues Clues


    You to can be Blue in an all new adventure game! Take a picture of you or one of your friends and that will be plugged in to Blue's ears! Just pull back on the slingshot and let Blue fly!

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