• MinChat





    MinChat is a fast and intuitive chating app using address book. (Using GTalk server) - "Receiver" button Click: Reconnect to receiver - "Receiver selection" button Long Press: Select previous receiver - "Send" button Long Press: Clear screen Tag: Chat, Talk,...

  • Picture Puzzle Game

    Picture Puzzle Game




    [Picture Puzzle Game] * This is a easy picture puzzle game. * Control difficulty.(+, - Button, 3 ~ 10) * Click camera or gallery button to input a picture. * Default Image, Top record, Sound OFF in menu. * The last game image is saved when exiting. * Camera pictures are saved in...

  • FolderNote





    * A simple, easy, practical note application. ☞ Please use menu key and long touch and flipping. - Calendar with lunar, Theme color, Text size - Folder : Backup and Restore (Google Drive), Lock and Unlock - Note : Check Note, Move Note, Copy Note - Camera, Gallery, 4x6, Drawing, Write - Edit...

  • Roulette Game

    Roulette Game




    * This is a easy roulette game.(Betting, ...) * Control items num.(+, - Button, 2 ~ 100) * Touch roulette and input items with drawing, camera, gallery, text input. * Provides Roulette mode, Background color, Stop fast, Save game, Load game. * Long click the saved game item to delete it in the...

  • Choice Game

    Choice Game




    * This is a easy choice game.(Betting, ...) * Control items num.(+, - Button, 1 ~ 100) * Touch items and input items with drawing, camera, gallery, text input. * Sound, Background color, Save game, Load game in toolbar. * All images are saved in SDCARD/ChoiceGame. * Recommended App :...

  • Omokholic





    This is an amusing Omok(Gomoku) game. - 2 Player with Bluetooth - Normal rule, Renju rule - Three boards(19x19, 15x15, 11x11) - Sound, Vibration, Auto Focus, Two touch, Timer options - Player vs Computer / Player vs Player - 3 Levels of Computer - Scale(x1, x1.25, x1.5, x1.75, x2) - Play again,...

  • Ladder Game

    Ladder Game




    * This is a easy ladder game.(Betting, Meeting, ...) * Control players&results num.(+, - Button, Menu => Small or Large, Landscape Mode) * Input players&results from drawing, camera, gallery. * Touch screen to modify ladder. * Control speed.(7steps) * Save&Share result. * All...

  • Here





    * You can send the precise location via SMS. - Touch long a position on the map, a green icon will be created. - Touch the green icon to send location via SMS. - If you receive an SMS containing location, this app will be run with a red icon on the map. - Touch the red icon to view the content,...

  • Archery Game

    Archery Game




    [Archery Game] * How to play this game. - Click Start button. - Touch and drag on screen. - Take off your finger. * Recommended App : "FolderNote"

  • Pentomino Puzzle Game

    Pentomino Puzzle Game




    [Pentomino Puzzle Game] 1. Click a block of the bottom area. 2. Click Turn left, Turn right, Reverse Button. 3. Drag the block up to the stage. 4. You can also drag the block down to the center area. 5. Click drop button then the block of the center area will move to the bottom area. 6. Fill the...

  • Memoholic





    * [v1.1] Removed Ad. * Recommended App : Memoholic Upgrade Version "Folder Note" * Simple, Easy, Practical Memo Application. * XML data management. (/sdcard/memoholic2)

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