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    Picture Puzzle Game

    [Picture Puzzle Game] * This is a easy picture puzzle game. * Control difficulty.(+, - Button, 3X3 ~ 10X10) * Click camera or gallery button to apply a picture. * Top Record, Default Image, Sound OFF in menu. * The last game image is saved when exiting. * [Pause] Press home key. * [Resume] Run this game.

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    Pentomino Puzzle Game

    [Pentomino Puzzle Game] 1. Click a block of the bottom area. 2. Click Turn left, Turn right, Reverse Button. 3. Drag the block up to the stage. 4. You can also drag the block down to the center area. 5. Click drop button then the block of the center area will move to the bottom area. 6. Fill the stage then you can play next stage. 7. Click R button…

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    [Archery] * How to play this game. - Click Start button. - Touch and drag on screen. - Take off your finger.

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    Download Omokholic Omokholic icon

    This is an amusing Omok(Gomoku) game. - 2 Player with Bluetooth - Normal rule, Renju rule - Three boards(19x19, 15x15, 11x11) - Sound, Vibration, Auto Focus, Two touch, Timer options - Player vs Computer / Player vs Player - 3 Levels of Computer - Scale(x1, x1.25, x1.5, x1.75, x2) - Play again, Pass, Undo functions Gomoku is an abstract strategy b…

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