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    Review the install instructions or watch the video before installing this very important and meaningful theme for GO SMS Pro. This POW MIA military theme honors all United States military personnel who have ever been taken as prisoners of war (POWs) or listed as missing in action (MIA). It is...

  • Gaelic Cross Live Wallpaper

    Gaelic Cross Live Wallpaper


    This amazing Gaelic Cross live wallpaper shifts through 36 colors (see video) to beautify your home screen. The wallpaper has a lovely gold Celtic cross on a background that shifts through red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink and cyan and the gradients in between. This is especially beautiful...




    The TITANIUM TRIBAL SKULL theme in electric blue is truly a unique design for GO SMS. If you like metal, skulls, and a 3D feel then this is it. Designed for phones, tablets, and phablets you'll appreciate the fact that the skull maintains it's awesome electric blue, titanium tribal...

  • Star Trek Multicolor Live 3D

    Star Trek Multicolor Live 3D




    This portrait mode Star Trek inspired live wallpaper was requested by numerous Star Trek fans who wanted a color changing live wallpaper simple enough to place homescreen icons on top of but would clearly represent their love of Star Trek. You asked for it and here it is! This Live Wallpaper...

  • Christmas Theme Santa 3D

    Christmas Theme Santa 3D


    This 3D GO SMS Pro Christmas Theme has everything from Santa Claus, reindeer, snowman, wrapping paper backgrounds, candy canes, gifts, and more and it will absolutely fill you with Christmas cheer this holiday season. Santa's on his way!! Shop Christmas themes and you'll be simply...






    The finest metal theme for GO SMS Pro is here!. With a realistic 3D brushed metal look, you'll get the modern industrial feel you really want. This metal theme has it all including outstanding graphics, reactive buttons, 3d feel, depth, texture, and every single detail is customized...100%...

  • GO Locker Pink Butterfly Camo

    GO Locker Pink Butterfly Camo




    See the instruction video and install GO Locker free after you install this beautiful GO Locker butterfly theme which features dozens of pretty pink and purple butterflies arranged with other floral colors with a pink overall feel. The lock background is designed to look like a cute little make...

  • Hundred Dollar $ Theme

    Hundred Dollar $ Theme


    This Hundred Dollar Bill Theme for GO SMS Pro says a lot about you. It says you have style, class and aren't afraid to show it! This isn't just about money, it's about prominence, and status...you've got plenty of both! This theme requires GO SMS Pro. Download it free here in...






    This LCARS inspired display is for all Star Trek fans. For the most authentic experience you should set your homescreen rotation to limited or off and be using custom launcher. Nova, Apex, Lightning launchers are all very good. Please watch the video or contact the developer if you're not...

  • Jungle Cat Leopard Theme

    Jungle Cat Leopard Theme


    Purple and pink Leopard and Zebra print adorns the background while the sleek jungle cat owns the foreground. Big cats are so beautiful and this theme for GO SMS Pro reflects their majesty, pride, and power. Your messaging experience will have you purring like a kitten. If you need assistance...

  • Roses and Butterfly Lavender

    Roses and Butterfly Lavender




    The Roses and Butterfly Lavender theme for GO SMS Pro is beautiful! Instructions are included along with a video to install this beautiful Rose and Butterfly theme. This theme is fully compatible with all versions of Android. The Floral patterns with lavender, pink, and pastel colors make give...

  • GO SMS Pro Fairies At Work

    GO SMS Pro Fairies At Work




    This is the promo version of the Fairy Life theme for GO SMS Pro. Please download this free theme with my compliments. This theme will only be available for a limited time so get it while you can. Please rate and review. . This is not a stand alone app. You need GO SMS Pro to apply this...

  • GO SMS Pro Gemini Zodiac Theme

    GO SMS Pro Gemini Zodiac Theme


    Amazing Gemini Astrology Theme for GOSMS Pro. This theme is one of a series of the 12 zodiac signs being introduced to you by ThemeDev. If your sign is Gemini then you are an air sign who is said to be communicative, indecisive, inquisitive, intelligent, and changeable. Your sign is Gemini if...

  • Hearts Diamonds & Gold Theme

    Hearts Diamonds & Gold Theme


    This beautiful Hearts, Diamonds & Gold Theme for GO SMS Pro will absolutely brighten your GO SMS experience. Every detail of this theme is original and beautiful just like you! Put a photo of someone special on your home screen and see it through the semi transparent heart on the pop up....

  • GOSMS Red and blue Jelly Bean

    GOSMS Red and blue Jelly Bean




    The vibrant Theme will improve your texting experience while keeping you at the front of technology. The Aurora background of Jelly Bean is simply mesmerizing. Full customization of each element makes the UI a work of art. Developers note: I'll be developing full time now so your...

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