• SMS Encrypto




    If you are in a business where secrecy is an issue, but, you need public cellphone text messaging, then this is the app for you! Simply and quickly send encrypted messages, and only share the password with the recipient to decrypt and read. New* Fake Message - Send a message to your inbox or...

  • GPS Location Tracker


    GPS Location Tracker is a simple tool to track where you've been and get driving directions between two points. How it works: Give your current location a name, optionally take a picture of it, then save it. Later, you may recall that location and get directions from where you currently...

  • MetalShop Pro




    MetalShop 1.0 - Find out how much your scrap metal is worth. Calculate the weights of metal that you want to bring to the scrap yard. System updated with industry current prices. Also useful for scrap yards.. Workers can track all of their purchases with a hand-held tablet. Pro version saves all...

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